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South Shields’ MP’s ears must be burning!

Even the lonely political Lib-Dem blogger from Gateshead is musing over Miliband’s future, which just makes me think, if he does go to Brussels they’d better find someone just as interesting to replace him here in South Shields (said with tongue firmly in cheek). Karen Allen would be a good choice, and which bloke doesn’t care to chat about a blonde?

OK, so South Shields folks may have to change the habit of a lifetime, but let us remember that at in the late 1970s this town sent more Conservative councillors to the old Tyne Wear County Council than it did Labour! In 1977 the Conservatives polled 10% more than Labour in Tyne Wear, but because of the distribution of votes ended up with fewer seats in the county, so nothing is impossible, presumably there would have been huge Conservative majorities in the Gosforths, Fulwells, West Parks,  Westoes and Whitley Bays that year. Margaret Winfield was elected as a Conservative County councillor defeating Labour’s Billy Malcolm in the Rekendyke and Victoria ward (guess who her agent was?)

On the other hand Labour might choose someone like a recently renounced noble Lord (i.e. Mandelson), or a Malcolm, now that would give some of us something to talk about, but I’ve mentioned one danger before, If Labour’s South Tyneside Council Leader Iain Malcolm were to win the CLP’s nomination then you can be sure his sworn enemies in the Independent Alliance would field a candidate too, leading to a messy election affair.

Ahhh, it’s good to speculate –  but like Jonathan Wallace I’m pretty sure that David Miliband does not want to become Labour’s next leader and would prefer to earn lots of cash and kudos as the EU’s High Representative for five years and then perhaps come back into UK politics after the Mandelsons, Johnsons, Balls, and even perhaps his younger brother Ed, have blown themselves out of steam on the Opposition benches. Rather like the Conservative Party during the Blair/Brown post Major period, Labour will require longer than one term to rebuild and renew and David Miliband probably recognises this more than anyone. Hence the probable desire to look after himself first and the party second.

By the way, Jonathan does a nifty line in local news and travel videos, any chance of Cllr. Joe Abbott following suit?


Even the Financial Times are into this fantasy, saying some stories are just too good for fiction.

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Written by curly

November 4, 2009 at 6:53 pm

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