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Cllr. Khan under attack

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Ahmed Khan “overbearing and bullying”

South Tyneside Independent Alliance councillor Ahmed Khan was yesterday cleared of an assault charge at South Shields Magistrate’s Court following an incident outside of South Shields Town Hall on June 17th this year involving local Bangladeshi community representative Lalon Amin. The trial was ended when District Judge Roger Elsey found he had no case to answer and the defence was not even put.

The incident happened during a photo call for the South Tyneside Cultures Together Festival which was recorded on video by a team working for the Shields Gazette, this video shown above is being showcased on Cllr. Khan’s Twitter page. On my viewing of the available video it does not look like what I would describe as a full blooded assault, but that is of course only my opinion. The District Judge said:

“The defendant’s behaviour may have been overbearing and bullying, but that is not the same as being criminal.”

Quite so, but being an overbearing  bully is all rather uncivil and perhaps not what one might expect from someone in public office, neither do I see any evidence in the court report suggesting that Mr. Lalon is a liar who makes “outrageous accusations”. However, Cllr. Khan does not deserve what has followed as a result of this incident.

At times one gets quite dismayed at the level to which those involved in political life in South Tyneside will stoop, since starting this blog five years ago I have tried to be  rational and reasonable in expressing my opinions on events and personalities, but of late we have suffered a rash of online commentary which has been little more than outrageous personal attacks, lies, abuse, and gutter sniping which deserved to be tested in a civil court libel action. These online blogs and websites have not served the Borough of South Tyneside well at times, and the attendant publicity has not been savoury to say the least, some of the commentaries have widened the gulf of trust that needs to be in place between the electors and those who they elected. Regardless of one’s political affiliations we have to respect the wishes and views of the electorate as expressed through the ballot box, the elector is the referee and the referee’s decision is final.

With that in mind I find it totally reprehensible and irresponsible that another anonymous blogger should now pop up to besmirch the family name of  Cllr. Khan and particularly his young daughter who deserves a little more respect. I’m sure that Cllr. Khan’s pockets are not as deep as some may wish to think and he may well not be able to afford a further slice of legal fees to track down and close this particular blog. It may be someone’s ill judged attempt to poke a little fun, but I wouldn’t find it amusing if it were happening to my family. (I will not be linking to this site ever again, nor will it appear in my sidebar, I’d just like to illustrate how bad things are becoming). I call upon the writer to desist and delete the blog before it mushrooms out of control, like some of the others we have seen recently.

It is time to put a stop to this sort of behaviour in South Tyneside, we all deserve a little better, from all sides!

Update 18:47 November 6th.

I am glad to note that the offending website has now been deleted. (oops! No it’s back again now)

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Written by curly

November 5, 2009 at 9:11 pm

3 Responses

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  1. I would agree Mr Khan in my opinion was facing an intimidating situation remember Mr Prescotts brush with the public when he smacked a guy in the neck .
    Still bullying in any shape or form ruins lives and restraint would have proved a more positive action.
    I would like to hear what lalon amin was trying to ask him.

    michael de matas

    November 6, 2009 at 5:01 am

  2. In many cases horrible problems have been avoided for the community as a result of anonymous blogging. This includes whistle blowing for white-collar criminals, community awareness when sexual predators move into the neighborhood, and many other alerts that are of great community benefit.

    Benefits notwithstanding, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs and anonymous free speech on the Internet is one such omelette. There is no such thing as free speech; there is always a cost. Sometimes that cost is acceptable, moreover desirable, particularly in the case of positive community awareness. However, often their many false and deceptive rumors, and libelous attacks are motivated only by hatred and vindictive antisocial promptings. More often than not, these serial cyber defamers have some type of antisocial personality disorder. They have nothing better to do than hurt other people; in fact they are actually fueled by other people’s pain. Normal people like 97% of the readers of my comment cannot begin to relate to how these people think. Stop for a moment and imagine not having a conscience….. it is simply impossible.

    A concerted, focused and malicious Internet smear campaign can be as devastating for a person that relies on his or her reputation for employment as a fire can be for a farmer who loses his fields, barns, and livestock.

    Respectfully submitted by Michael Roberts.
    Internet Libel Victim’s Advocate and Anonymous Blogger bounty hunter

  3. Mr Khan is a bully. I have witnessed it first hand……

    Guess Who

    November 18, 2009 at 2:44 am

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