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Armistice shock over veterans

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I was having a good day until I read this.

Walter Main was less fortunate during the war. He was wounded on the second day of D-Day, having already fought at El Alamein and in other parts of Africa and Italy. Returning from the war, injured and decorated, Main ran a grocer’s shop for 30 years in South Shields on Tyneside. “He was an old-fashioned chap, a pillar of the community,” says his nephew, Richard. After he developed Parkinson’s and bowel cancer, Main went into Garden Hill, Tyne & Wear, a purpose-built care home run by Southern Cross, one of the largest providers of care homes for the elderly in the UK. It promised him “a home from home” at £600 a week.

“The building was three storeys and understaffed,” Richard claims. “His condition deteriorated,” his nephew says. Richard wrote a formal letter of complaint and demanded his uncle’s medical records. Unsatisfied with the attitude of the staff, he then complained to South Tyneside Council. The report concluded that Southern Cross was doing its best. Richard was not happy with its findings.

“The social workers failed to do spot visits and announced them in advance,” he says. One day Main collapsed: his daughter went in unannounced and sat with him for six hours. Last Christmas, he contracted flu and died. “It was a relief,” Richard says. “He was better off dead.”

Full article here

Are we really so uncaring in South Shields and South Tyneside that our honoured veterans can be described as “better off dead”, whilst others in the community are more concerned about promoting the preposterous ideas that those brave souls who landed on the Normandy beaches and fought their way to Berlin did it to provide our youngsters with the golden opportunities to become instant celebrities and help raise a fortune for Simon Cowell?

Walter Main’s life and death should be of far greater concern than pandering to the delights of cabbage potato TV addicts.

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Written by curly

November 11, 2009 at 5:55 pm

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  1. I remember a little shop in Lord St run by Ann E Main any relation?I also recollect it being vandalised during miners’ strike for some reason I dont think it re-opened after that.

    d thompson

    November 12, 2009 at 12:01 pm

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