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Cameron-ThatcherDavid Cameron portrayed as Thatcher Mkll

I kid you not, Henry Curteis writing at the Conservative Blog is adamant that David Cameron will continue to say NO, Nein, Non, to the EU at every available opportunity.

To the word ‘NO’ there is no argument or negotiation offered or required. It’s the language of non-recognition, non-obedience, non-compliance, call it what you will. Cameron is saying ‘NO. I am not playing this game any more.’ He’s not asking or negotiating. He’s telling – something Nigel Farage cannot yet fathom. Here is a eurosceptic Conservative Prime Minister-to be, getting ready to say what he wants to happen, and who doesn’t recognise the moral or democratic legitimacy of the EU as it applies to Britain.

Yeah, yeah , yeah, Henry, and if you believe it will all pan out this way in the future, then you probably believe in fairies too.

Another politician who cannot fathom Cameron’s approach to the EU is David Miliband.

David Miliband said this morning at the Fabian Conference that they will be campaigning against Cameron on his new EU policy as being either meaningless or dangerous, as it will lead to Britain leaving the EU.

But David, if it’s meaningless, it’s not dangerous. And if it’s dangerous, it’s not meaningless. And if it is dangerous, Farage is out of a job.

But what if it is all a load of insincere bollocks Henry, designed to get him over the winning line without too much fuss from the Eurosceptics ? This is nothing more than clever political positioning but this time without any “cast iron guarantee”.

Can you seriously believe that once David Cameron is inside 10 Downing Street that he will rock the EU boat, put noses out of joint and force the other 26 to consider what life might be like without British membership of the club? No, neither can I.

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Written by curly

November 13, 2009 at 11:33 am

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