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EU to directly raise taxes?

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Herman Van Rompuy wants EU wide tax rises

With the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty comes a ratcheting up of the wholesale costs of running the great big federalist machinery, and the new front runner for the EU Presidency Herman Van Rompuy, the Belgian Prime Minister, has discussed at the secretive Bilderberg group the notion of applying additional EU wide taxes to pay for the growth. It is bad enough that he should have the idea that the EU ought to be able to directly raise taxation at all but to raise the matter in such a fashion within a reclusive group of politicians and international businessmen outside of the representative loop of elected representatives is even worse. Little wonder that the secretive group becomes the source of all sorts of conspiracy theories about world government!

Mr Van Rompuy’s Bilderberg intervention will alarm non-federalist countries such as Britain and Denmark, which have long opposed giving the EU tax-raising powers and breaking the link with national funding.

Newer member states, already angry at the opaque process of choosing a president, are unlikely to be impressed at the secretive forum used by Mr Van Rompuy to talk about his European vision.

William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, said:

“Britain would not be the only EU country that would find a proposal to give the EU tax-raising powers totally unacceptable. Advocacy of such a policy is not a fruitful use of anyone’s time.”

When initiatives such as these are discussed by high powered operators in a secretive climate, one can only assume that there were good reasons why so many countries did not hold a referendum to test public opinion about the new EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty.

Which makes the new campaign organised by The Tax Payers’ Alliance to promote a Great EU Debate and also to sell the new book by Dr. Lee Rotherman “Ten Years On, Britain Without the European Union”, just appear to be two years or so too late – but better late than never!

I doubt that the people of South Shields and South Tyneside will be comfortable with the idea of additional taxation forced upon them from outside of the UK as we face the next few years of Britain battling to reduce it’s huge budget deficit and national debt, which may include some home grown tax rises as a result of Gordon Brown’s profligate spend, spend, spend splurge!

The TPA have booked a massive slice of screen time in UK cinemas to add to their campaign and this will be the first video that pop corn munchers and horror addicts will see:

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Written by curly

November 17, 2009 at 10:18 am

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