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David Miliband and womens’ perspectives

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Miliband and ClintonThere seems to be a difference of opinion

The South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband has a few column inches to his name again today primarily caused by one Hilary Roddam Clinton the American Secretary of State wedded to the former President Bill Clinton.

Now old Bill we remember for his well publicised tete a tetes with Monica Lewinski so perhaps we shouldn’t be over surprised if his wife had any imagined intentions of getting one over on him from time to time.

So I’m not hugely surprised that she comes out with a little frankness and departure from the diplomatic routines in this US interview reported by The Sun and others today:

When Mr Miliband’s name was mentioned, she said: “Oh my God!” The female interviewer then admitted she too had a soft spot for Mr Miliband after talking to him on the phone. Mrs Clinton excitedly told the Vogue journalist: “Well, if you saw him it would be a big crush. I mean, he is so vibrant, vital, attractive, smart. He’s a really good guy – and he is so young!”

You must understand that I’ve only chosen The Sun’s report because apparently the newspaper is no longer flavour of the month with Gordon Brown’s team, but Hilary did rather gush, and David acknowledges that the old girl is a bit of a tease! Not all women share the same feelings for Mr. Miliband of course, indeed there is a profound gaping gulf of opinion as Sub Rosa eloquently illustrates:

Listening to Mr Miliband reminds me of my school’s debating society, maybe because he looks like an overgrown schoolboy, or maybe it’s because his demeanour conveys a lack of stature and a certain amount of immaturity for the position he holds……………but, it’s not his boyish looks that bother me it’s his boyish behaviour. Somehow he doesn’t fill me with confidence about our foreign policy.

Of course, one might have hoped that a lady who had spent so much time trying to pull her husband’s strings in the White House might prove to be a little more savvy when it comes to European politicians, but I prefer the reasoned voice of the Scots lass any day. Let’s be honest when Miliband was talking within the last 48 hours of a campaign “that is not war without end” in Afghanistan, and that it needs a political dimension linked to a military objective before we could safely withdraw our troops, one had hoped that those with some common sense might see it for what it is – electoral window dressing and nothing more. Talking of withdrawal of our troops is probably just what we want to hear, but it isn’t remotely going to happen next year and Miliband knows it.

In other Miliband news and comment David Jones the MP for Clwyd West says after returning from Brussels yesterday:

The generally accepted view is that Tony Blair is out of the running for president and that the Belgian Prime Minister, Herman Van Rompuy, is the hot favourite.

Surprisingly enough, however, and more interestingly, there is a considerable body of opinion that David Miliband is still very much in the running for the possibly more powerful position of High Representative, notwithstanding the protestations of both the Foreign Secretary and his brother that he has ruled himself out.  Given that Van Rompuy is a centre right politician from a small country, the theory is that the High Rep position must go to a centre left candidate from a big country and that Miliband is the most obvious candidate.

If that happens, it will be fascinating to see the response from within the Labour party.

Oh well Mr. Jones will not be getting an invite to Coleman’s for fish and chips (yet it would not surprise me at all if Miliband deserts Labour in opposition), as for Hilary Clinton, well you never know she might just turn up in South Shields for a final hurrah and a late flurry of teasing before Miliband bows out of government.

Hope Hilary can tell the difference between cod and haddock or mushy peas and guacamole.

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Written by curly

November 18, 2009 at 6:14 pm

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  2. She knows her foreign policy Curly. See her here in action in Bosnia!


    November 19, 2009 at 1:37 am

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