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Van Rumpy Pumpy and Baroness CashTon take top jobs in EU

Apparently it was not a fudge and she is the best person for the (extremely well paid) job, and he is head and shoulders above everyone else,  EU leaders have decided that consensus is the order of the day and the two people least known and least disliked by anyone at all shall take the prestigious positions leading Europe through the next five years. At least they will satisfy the Council of Europe and probably the highly secretive Bilderberg Group too, as persons who can articulate what the Council wants to say to us.

Thing is, under this EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty, they are all suffering from collective amnesia a condition which appears to have become pandemic throughout it’s member states. Not a single one of them, nor us, can remember any elections being called to give us a say in the appointments of these high profile positions, and only the Irish this time round can remember having any vote that decided whether or not to approve the treaty (and even they were forced into having a rethink). At least Van Rumpy Pumpy has been elected as a Belgian politician and became Prime Minister through back room deals to form a coalition, Baroness CashTon has never faced an election to a political position in her life having risen from vice chair of the CND, through the chairmanship of Hertfordshire Health Authority to the House of Lords where Gordon Brown appointed her Leader and Lord President of the Council, she was then sent to Brussels to replace Mandelson as a Commissioner. Nice work if you get it!

Just seems odd to me that a collective group of 27 nations supposedly representing the cream of western European democracies should create a self amending Treaty that treats people to positions that pay more in salaries and expenses than most Prime Ministers could ever dream of , should conveniently forget to hold elections for these top jobs!

500m amnesiacs now have the top two in the cab of the EU gravy train. Mr. Miliband doesn’t know what he is missing!

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Written by curly

November 20, 2009 at 11:05 am

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