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When you make too many laws……

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….you are likely to end up with too many suspects and criminals

It has always been the case, get rid of half of the stupid laws that have been introduced since Tony Blair and George Bush instigated The War Against Terror (which had “questionable legitimacy“) and you will get rid of more than half of the criminals and probably all of the suspects. This has always been the trouble with NuLabour of course they’ve spent too much time legislating in order to chase tomorrow’s headlines, with a paranoid urge to be “seen to be doing something” about problems which weren’t there in the first place.

Hence we end up with reams and reams of anti-terror laws, amendments, statutory instruments, orders in council, ministers using delegated powers without reference to Parliament, and millions of cctv cameras and under trained PCSOs, as well as a population living under suspicion.

Don’t believe such silly things happen in modern day Britain? Then go and read about the mentally ill man who has been jailed (probably indefinitely now) using anti terror legislation for believing that he had some silly right to silence! (Yes that has gone now). When you have finished with that one you will be glad to know that the photographer arrested for being too tall has now got Kent Police almost bending towards an apology:

The IO (investigating officer) apologised for the delay explaining that “special branch” had claimed that the burden of proof required to lawfully arrest under terrorist legislation was somewhat less than it is under other legislation, and that they believed Mr Turner’s arrest to have been lawful. For that reason, Kent Police had sought the advice of legal counsel.

According to Mr Turner, the IO said that he thought he had had a “raw deal” on the day of the arrest. He added that the arrest was in part a consequence of the strong message given to the police on the ground and council officers about being alert to potential terrorist threats.

However, as there were few terrorist activities in Kent, regular officers generally have a low level of knowledge of anti terrorist legislation, and Kent Police have now launched county-wide awareness raising training of anti-terrorist legislation to address this shortfall.

Basically because anti terrorism laws require virtually no burden of proof, our tall photographer was arrested and detained in a van simply because the police could, not because he was remotely guilty of any offence!

Once this interfering government has gone and taken their last chattels with them, it is to be hoped that a new administration will repeal many of the hideous aspects of Labour’s control freaky legislation which has led to these ridiculous incidents.

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Written by curly

November 27, 2009 at 8:57 pm

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