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Forces pay the ultimate price for Labour’s economic follies.

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Tony Blair has a LOT to answer for.

Without going into the arguments surrounding the rights and wrongs of the Afghan and Iraq campaigns, nor expecting the Chilcott inquiry to firmly make someone accountable, I only hope that the globe trotting former Prime Minister Tony Bliar can sleep easily in his bed as the £millions pour into his private coffers.

Yes, it is right to support the military effort right now, not in 2012/13 when the Chinooks will eventually be ready, but it is also right to say to Barack Obama that we are thinking very clearly of our own exit strategy independently of US intentions, and it would be right too to look at all government departments for spending cuts to help fund the latest injection of equipment for our troops in the field. What cannot be right is the jeopardising of Britain’s air defences simply because the MOD has been ran by a group of  financial incompetents who allowed money to run through their fingers (particularly in the procurement programme) unchecked by Labour ministers over the past twelve years.

We can be thankful that right now there are no well equipped military powers in Europe with unconventional political designs, if there were (and you just don’t know what the future holds) then we may as well run up the white flag now, our depleted air cover and a Royal Navy that could fit in the South Marine Park lake in South Shields would offer no resistance at all.

After more than twelve years of spend, spend, spend, from your old pal Gordon Brown the cupboard is finally bare, as the debt mountain continues to grow the meddling PM will no doubt have told his Cabinet that his favourite projects and departments will have to be spared the axe, there is a general election to fight you know. So you pays the costs for Labour’s years of folly economics? Well in this case the holders of 2500 MOD jobs!

Mr. Bliar, just why are we in this mess? Will you be telling the whole truth to Chilcott or does Fern Britton need to be on the other side of the table?

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Written by curly

December 15, 2009 at 8:07 pm

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