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102nd. Soldier dies in Afghanistan

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Gordon Brown continues to be a walking PR disaster.

Via Guido Fawkes

As we continue to be extremely saddened by further news of more British casualties in the Afghan war, it is annoying see the Prime Minister Gordon Brown attempting to improve his profile with bad PR opportunities, and incredible to think that he believes a soldier should break from his “standing to attention” to shake his hand (and there are rumours that others ducked out of the opportunity too).


Meanwhile Gordon is off to Copenhagen to save the world and promise more British cash for developing countries so long as they do what they are told on climate issues, even though none of them are happy with the positions taken by the western economies:

“It is possible that we will not get an agreement,” he said. “This is also true of many issues to be sorted out but I am determined with the conversations I have had already today to do everything I can to bring the world together.”

Go on Superman!

David Cameron, on the other hand is launching a plan which forms a partnership with major retailers to insulate homes and allow people to share the benefits of the savings, but he doesn’t sound too happy about some other politicians:

“If the environmental agenda becomes limited to well-suited politicians stepping out of aeroplanes on to tarmacs, telling people how to live their lives and sounding like everyone else will just have to sit in a darkened room, wearing woollies with the lights turned off and the heating down, we are not going to get anywhere.”People do not like being lectured. You have to take people with you, and the way to do that is to connect individual behaviour and rewards, and help people see the advantages of going green. We have to have carrots as well as sticks.”

His plan is sound, so long as energy costs remain at current levels, rising gas and electricity wholesale prices would be likely to make a big dent in the available savings.

Here in South Shields I have already taken advantage of a couple of offers for additional loft insulation and draft proofing measures under a government funded grant scheme, but alas my bills continue to rise!

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Written by curly

December 16, 2009 at 11:23 am

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  1. Surely you’re not the same Curly that criticised Labour ministers for “waffling on about insulation” just a few months ago?


    December 17, 2009 at 10:46 am

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