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Why has Cllr. Khan wiped his Twitter account clean?

Even at this unearthly time of day, it’s a complete mystery why the Deputy Leader of the South Tyneside Independent Alliance has wiped his Twitter page clean of the thousands of posts vilifying his opponents and posting links to local “attack blogs” . I know he has been the subject of a recent investigation by the Standards Board for England and Wales but surely there must be another explanation to why he has decided to wipe the slate clean?

He originally decided to use Twitter to be the first South Tyneside councillor to “connect” with his constituents, but it descended into a rather childish bun fight with the Conservative councillor for Cleadon Village and East Boldon, David Potts, (which reminds me – who will be the next Independent Alliance councillor to leave the sinking ship?) hopefully Cllr. Khan will now use his time on Twitter to promote the work he is doing in his own ward, rather like the now defunct blog once used by Earnest Gibson and Bill Brady the two Labour councillors for Whiteleas in South Shields (another that fell by the wayside after a lack of deference and political nous in the face of commenters’ attacks, or even a lack of time by the authors.)

At least I won’t miss Khan’s even handed comments on Sunderland or Newcastle’s football games.

However, those with an inquisitive mind might like to ponder why this site has had it’s title changed?


It hasn’t taken long for Cllr. Khan to stop prying eyes from seeing what he is Twittering on about, now you have to request to be a follower. Open government, transparent democracy and all that.

Update 2

Cllr. Khan explains that he made his Twitter page temporarily disappear in order to introduce a new wallpaper, or background, and then went on to introduce a new Twitter account, so he is now on Twitter here, and here, (in case you wish to follow him).  Why go to the bother of having two Twitter pages when one should surely suffice?

It all seems quite odd to me.

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Written by curly

December 27, 2009 at 1:45 am

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