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Labour fails to help the less well off North East

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So what’s new?

I’m grateful to David Skelton the Prospective Conservative Candidate for North Durham for pointing out the patently obvious, Labour doesn’t care for those in it’s heartlands, places like the north east where Labour MPs have to expend little effort in being re-elected time after time.

His analysis of Polly Toynbee’s shifting positions over her support (or lack of) for Gordon Brown’s lamentable government exposes the sheer lack of empathy for those who put them into Parliament, their motives may well have been honourable at the time they sought our support but they never ever rock the boat or vote against their own governing party despite the glaringly obvious fact that no Labour post war government has ever left the economy in a better position than when it arrived in office. Labour always run out of other people’s money to spend and north east MPs appear unable to check their own executive when the constituencies they represent start to bear the brunt of their economic mismanagement.

Having noted Polly’s commentary of the unfair distribution of growth (whenever there was some) under Labour, Dave opines:

Labour have betrayed ordinary, working class people. They have betrayed anybody who dares to aspire. That is why so many people in North Durham, who have put their faith in the Labour Party for so long, are ready to vote for real change at the next election.

North Durham will not be the only north east constituency that is offered real change at the next election, and before people start to be brainwashed with the age old retorts that the Tories are only interested in class, riches, helping the more affluent etc., consider this question “How many Conservative members or financial supporters in Jarrow or South Shields (the two South Tyneside constituencies) are from the landed gentry, are millionaires, or were born in an apparent position of privelege?”

For a start, most of them have perfectly normal Geordie accents, and are as ordinary as you or I. It’s not where you are from that counts, but where you want to go to.

So consider Polly’s points (you may as well, she rarely makes such telling good ones);

“on Labour’s watch, class has become more rigid, destiny for most babies is decided at birth, and the incomes of rich and poor families have drawn further apart.”

“Growth in his [Gordon Brown’s] time was profoundly unfairly shared – over half the population saw virtually no growth at all; GDP per capita is a fraudulent measure that disguises how almost all growth went to the top 10%, and most to the top 1%… Middle Britain did badly however hard they worked and “played by the rules”. Whose rules?… Brown cannot admit the monumental error he and Ed Balls made in their economic policies because there are some mistakes just too big to apologise for.”

You won’t be committing a major crime or betraying your roots by having the brass nerve to vote for change, nor will it harm the Labour Party too much in the north east to be given a bloodied nose, In Karen Allen (South Shields) and Jeff Milburn (Jarrow), the Conservative Party has found two very good local candidates with strong local backgrounds to offer a real alternative to the stale policies of heartless Labour, who have just about pre-announced another council tax rise in South Tyneside for us next year. Having totally screwed the national economy after thirteen years of spend and borrow, now it’s time to once again screw the people at the bottom of the pile, it’s this total arrogance which irks most, the feeling that come what may the daft buggers will still vote Labour.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Written by curly

January 3, 2010 at 3:23 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Agree fully about the types of people who join the party, Curly. David’s from Consett, I’m from Sacriston, and we’re Tory.

    Thomas Byrne

    January 3, 2010 at 4:17 pm

  2. Perhaps we should give the Tories another chance. They did so much for North East England last time they were in power…
    Let’s face it, only an idiot would vote Tory. Or Labour.


    January 4, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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