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Some global warming quirks

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White holiday period throws up some oddities

It is probably some time since South Shields enjoyed such a lengthy period of zero and sub zero temperatures, especially over the Christmas and New Year period, and it has helped my children enjoy a little of what I enjoyed at their age, the environment has changed into  a winter wonderland playground and even afforded me some different photographic opportunities. New spots seem to have been found for sledge runs at Gypsies Green and the South Marine Park but fewer have ventured on to Cleadon Hills, the art of making the giant snowman certainly hasn’t died but the the skills required to make the roundest and smoothest snowballs seem to have suffered.

No doubt many of you have resorted to leaving the central heating on 24/7 at a low but comfortable temperature, and some of you will have discovered that a whole new set of driving skills are requires in the side streets (remember to gently pull away in second or even third gear – not first), but when walking the old hob nailed boots are a big miss on the ice. Yet despite the return of a winter that was common in the 50s and 60s, and with certain forecasters speculating that Britain faces a lengthy spell of freezing temperatures, and the coldest winter for over 25 years, it kind of amuses and tickles me that this Labour government and it’s partners in the global warming camp fall of themselves to see who can look the biggest fools.

Which bright spark though of this idea? Instead of doing something positive to insulate homes or to secure future energy needs in the wholesale gas markets, or invest in nuclear energy, we find that millions of low energy lamps have been given away willy nilly and that most of them will never be used! I have a cupboard full of them, every lamp in the house is a low energy lamp, I’ve used them for over twenty years and two of them are of the originals, so the likelihood of me needing replacements in the next year or two is incredibly slim. I’ve given so many away to older people, but then find that they received even more than I in the post, their own lights will flicker and die before the energy savers!

In the first 18 months of the scheme, companies issued 182 million bulbs but insulated only 17,000 solid-wall homes. Britain has 6.6 million solid-wall homes requiring insulation.

Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the cost of these  182 million bulbs will find it’s way on to our electricity bills, hey thanks guys, just what we hard pressed consumers need in the middle of a recession! At least back in the old days when South Shields was lit by coal gas, you could warm your fingers beside the mantle, and even a sixty watt filament lamp dissipated heat, but the EU saw to the end of those!

So now, unless we are pretty well off, we will freeze at night to save on energy bills, and sit around in the house with wool hats drawn over our lugs, but at least we wont have risk a broken neck rushing out to the corner shop to buy a replacement light bulb.

Now I know that we should not take a great deal of notice over single events in the weather patterns, so I’ll not say a great deal more about the winter weather, nor question whether or not freezing temperatures are a result of climate change, but another strange side effect of the political decisions taken in the face of the global warming onslaught on legislators is that we driving away rare birds from their habitats as the ugly wind farm electricity generators scare them away.

Buzzards, golden plovers, curlews and red grouse, are abandoning countryside around wind farms because the turbines act as giant scarecrows, frightening them away.

“We found evidence for localised reductions in bird breeding density around upland wind farms. Importantly, for the first time, we have quantified such effects across a wide range of species,” said James Pearce-Higgins, an ecologist with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Scotland.

With nearly 500 more wind farms arranged to come on stream in the next few years, does this mean that some more predatory birds will start roosting in our towns?

The British Wind Energy Association has said the idea that UK wind farms affect birds is a “myth” and warns that climate change is a far greater threat.

Of course they would say that, they have £ millions invested and want to make a profit, rather like the folks who are happily chopping down the South American rain forests and replacing some of them with fields of grain to make biodiesel, without realising that that they are creating an environment more easily eroded by winds and rain and destroying the habitats of wildlife and humans, as well as harming the earth’s lungs.

The solving of this great global warming crisis really does throw up some very odd side effects, and with hundreds of nations gathered in Copenhagen failing to reach any major agreement worth talking about, we shouldn’t be surprised that disparity, confusion, disconnect, and dismay become the natural outcomes.

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Written by curly

January 3, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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