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Hoon and Hewitt

Picture from Conservative Home

“I am working closely with the PM on foreign policy issues and support the re-election campaign for a Labour government that he is leading”.

David Miliband the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary did not exactly come out with an effusive, effective, or enthusiastic endorsement of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister on the day that the rumour mill went into pandemonium mode after Hoon and Hewitt’s attempt to call for a secret ballot of Labour MPs over Brown’s leadership.

Pundits and commentators were left hanging around until virtually the last bus had left London in the snow to hear a statement from Miliband, a terse announce in which he couldn’t even bring himself to mention the PM’s name!

Yet again, when Labour’s Cabinet were presented Brown’s head metaphorically on a plate, they all winced and turned away, sycophants and cowards to a man, they all sat on their hands waiting for something to develop yet without their leadership it probably never would. Their fractious party includes countless MPs in marginal constituencies whose livelihoods and careers rest upon a huge upturn in their party’s fortunes and that can only come, they argue, under a new leader.

Miliband’s reputation for dithering and indecision over another golden opportunity  has been strengthened today, his late and hollow words along with some other Cabinet ministers’ will weaken but not kill off  Brown. The Tories will be joyful, their strategy demands that Brown leads Labour into the election, and it probably explains why the Tories didn’t go for Brown’s jugular at PMQs today, they need him to survive – the only possible result from this abortive coup attempt will be the shaving of a few more percentage points off Labour’s poll ratings!

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Written by curly

January 6, 2010 at 10:31 pm

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