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Another gimmick from Gordon

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Brown promises free laptop and broadband access – again!

In what aides described as a sign of his commitment to ”aspiration”, the Prime Minister will say he wants every household to have broadband access to the internet.

The aim is to get all families linked up to their children’s schools via the internet and access progress reports on attainment, behaviour and other needs. To make that achievable, he will pledge £300 million of investment to help poorer families.

O.K. I’m feeling pretty down on my luck, poor, but still aspirational – put me down for one!

Of course I ought to realise that anything that sounds too good to be true must be err…..too good to be true.

Both Brown and Balls must be bonkers to be dragging this old chestnut out again, they are either plying us with a cheap joke and having a laugh, or they don’t realise that this governing by initiative lark is a load of old tosh that we’ve heard before. They keep coming back like tired old door to door salesmen peddling the same old rubbish hoping that we’ve forgotten that they rang our bell at least three times over the past year or more with same incredible too good to be true offer.

It started back in September 2008 when Brown made this pledge:

Low income families could get vouchers up to £700 in value to get their household connected up to the Internet.

“To ensure we are prepared for the times to come, the Government will fund one million more households to get online, enabling parents to link with the teachers at their children’s school and helping young people with their homework and coursework”, Brown will tell delegates at the Labour Conference in Manchester.

Just two years earlier the then Chancellor Brown had scrapped the Home Computing Initiative!

He was back at it in January of 2009 when he was endorsing the Carter report’s recommendations that by 2012 would provide minimum download speeds of 2 megabits per second (Mbps) to every household.

“Today’s interim report from Lord Carter sets out the scale of our ambition to compete in the digital economy, a market currently worth over £50 billion a year in Britain alone and expected to grow rapidly in the future. Our digital networks will be the backbone of our economy in the decades ahead. We know that every aspect of our lives – every school, every hospital, every workplace and even every home – will depend on the services the digital network provides.”

Later in June 2009 Brown was again pledging broadband for all, surprisingly:

“We can create the right framework, for example, for the release of wireless spectrum – a national asset – while also liberalising its uses and extending mobile broadband coverage.

“In our fibre optic and cable networks, which will provide the next generation of superfast broadband, the Government must also complement and assist the private sector to move farther and faster.

“The first step must be to make the existing broadband network truly available to all.

“Broadband is at a tipping point. High-speed internet access will soon be essential for everyone.”

That was after the departing communications minister, Lord Carter of Barnes, claimed that large parts of Britain will not receive improved access and his report went on to reveal that Brown’s government had been unable to strike deals with any of the main players in the telecoms industry on how to fund the required infrastructure for fibre-optic connections across the country.

And so here we are standing listening to these snake oil salesmen reading from the prepared script for the fourth time, it’s time to tell them to go away and slam the door in their face. Their record in enabling broadband fibre optic cabling of Great Britain is abominable and they they think they can keep on enticing our votes with gimmicks and initiatives that have been trailed before us numerous times in the past. Brown and Ball once again trying to be seen to be doing something and “getting on with the job”, as once again they deliver another repeat announcement.

Isn’t it time that they realised that the biggest aspiration that the British people have right now is for complete change?

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Written by curly

January 11, 2010 at 11:07 am

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  1. As usual, it’s just a load of Tosh(iba) from B&B…

    John Ward

    January 11, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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