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MOT failure rates

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MOT certificate

Spokesman blames batch of faulty badges

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Funny thing about this motor manufacturing industry, once you’ve had a good look at the list, can you tell me which of those companies do not operate without the support of taxpayer funded subsidies in whichever countries they are producing?

We want a greener cleaner environment, our governments get together and try and cobble deals that would see worldwide action for electric vehicles or non fossil fuel burning alternatives, but in reality they are paying motor manufacturers to carry on producing the same old crap that cannot pass a basic MOT test!

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Written by curly

January 14, 2010 at 10:22 am

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  1. The MOT has little to do with safety these days. Back in the 1960’s is was a welcome safety precaustion, and without a doubt there were some
    just out-right dangerous cars in the ’50s & 60s.

    The gradual tightening of the MOT has moved (like most things in the UK) from the improvement of safety, to a “nice littler earner” for Government and retail outlet alike. Yes there are a few independent car repairers who are genuinely honest and do no more work than is necessary for the passing of the test.

    However the larger organisation and corporate organisations, Kwik Fit particulalry [And Yes, Mr Farmer, you may sue me, since I have a Court Case against you; Judgement was not entered since we settled out of Court)have seenthe MOT as a way of replacing items which do not really need to be replaced by just cleaned up.

    The classis excuse is of course “shock absobers” which can easily be shown to have a leak, by rubbing some grease, together with a light grease, and something which is perfectly safe, is now a death threat.

    This happened to me, but I was fortunate enough to have had a service carried out by an independent car engineer a couple of months before. He informed me that the shock absorbers were in operating order when the car had left him; and the deterioration rate would not have occured in the seven days wich the interim service and the MOT was carried out.

    I executed a successful recovery against Kwik Fit and reached an out of Court for the mis-representation and false statement.

    Of course had I reported the matter to DOT then, they would have don little nothing or about it. Afterall, it is in the Government’s interest that a car fail’s its MOT since all replacement parts attract VAT, the supplier and retailer get an income from a repair which was not require. All in all, everyone is happy, excepty the defrauded Fred Bloggs who may not know the truth.

    Most of the honest repairers’ tend to be independent because since they cannot afford to lose repeat business, more to the point the “reptuation” which they may earn. Large operators such as the main dealerships and bloc repairers such as Kwick Fit, MotorFactors and similar PLCs can afford to lose the odd client and even absorb the loss of a large Credit Note, even large fine from DOT or Office of Fair-trading.

    The MOT has its place, be under no illusion, and I do endorse its purpose. However my concern grows on its ever increasing parameters and its enforcement, to the point where it has nothing to do with safety, but a way of securing funds from the average motorist, as outlined above.

    With the “Road Fund License” (Road Tax) now approaching £200 for a basic family car, and over £1000 for commercial vehicles, and given the state of the roads, it is clear (and always has been) that this cynincal tax has little to do with up-keep of the roads, nor safety.

    Of Course MOT failures will go up and continue to do so, when the Government are making money hand over fist, particulary the “Scrappage Scheme” which they have now introduced, which is encouraging the dishonest to operate. I had a car which was laid up whilst my personal driving license was suspended for 12 months following an epileptic fit. I am pleased to say that the license has been re-issued.

    I had two notes left under my windscreen wipers offering to but the vehicle for Scrap, despite the fact that the car was on private ground, had SORN Notice filed with DVLA, and was clearly being looked aftern in its laid up state.

    Yes, the person clearly spying in my road, was looking at vehicles which may not have move for a month or two, putting liitle notes under the windscreen with an intent to steal those vehicles and selling them for scrap.

    Of note is that netiher Trading Standards nor DOT were interested. Perhaps these merely proves how corrupt this Country has become. Yup, Orwell was right.

    Chris R

    January 17, 2010 at 11:00 pm

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