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South Shields Conservatives move in to gear

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Party gearing up election campaign

Karen Allen the South Shields born and educated candidate for this constituency at the general election will be spending further time in South Shields this week as members and supporters of the local association begin delivering thousands of campaign leaflets. Having established many community and business links over the last few months Karen is keen now to involve the public and this new leaflet is a consultation exercise seeking your views on the policy areas that South Shields Tories should be prioritising, and a way to ascertain what concerns residents of the town most acutely. The survey can also be completed online.

Having previously announced plans to form a branch of Conservative Future in the town they are now actively recruiting and have developed their own website for the branch too, it is still in beta form and described as a work in progress, but it is up and running here. Conservative Future is the modern equivalent of the Young Conservatives that I joined in the 1970s, aimed at the under 30s section of the party and its supporters, it is the UK’s largest youth political organisation and has served as a very good platform for young people wishing to involve themselves in politics, it has always been note for its lively social scene as well as being a training ground for many younger local politicians.

Meanwhile, South Shields Conservative Candidate Karen Allen has been reminding South Tyneside Council that :

“a Conservative Government will work with South Tyneside Council to help fund a council tax freeze and bring real help to low and middle income families.”

In an attack on spend and tax habits she said:

“In South Tyneside bills have risen by a staggering 85% since 1997 thanks to Labour Ministers.”

She also points out that under an edict issued by John Prescott when he was in government in 2004 many more households have suffered as a result of visits by council or council backed bailiffs:

Bailiffs knocked at 5,513 homes in South Tyneside in 2008-2009 and 5 bankruptcy orders were obtained as a direct result of non payment of council tax.

We can look back to Whitehall guidance issued by John Prescott in 2004 which encouraged the use of bailiffs by town halls. It even recommends that in-house town hall bailiffs remove the official council branding from their bailiff demands. A preparation for the clunking fist perhaps?

Conservatives have pledged to work with councils to freeze council tax bills in England and provide additional central funding to keep bills down for the next two years. Scotland has already benefited from a council tax freeze, making bills almost £300 a year less on a comparable home north of the border. Labour Ministers have ruled out introducing such a policy in England. Good old, Jock Gordon – he shows yet again how out of touch he is with the plight of hard working families and pensioners. Thanks to Gordon Brown doubling council tax bills, a record number of families in South Shields and across the country are struggling to make ends meet. More people now face the threat of menacing bailiffs knocking at their door and this is a crisis of Labour’s own making.

The clear message to locals councils is this – reduce your spending, work towards a freeze in council tax bills, if you spend within a Conservative government’s guidelines you will be rewarded with sufficient funding to prevent council tax bills rising, and local people may not face as many difficulties in meeting their bills.

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Written by curly

February 2, 2010 at 10:10 am

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