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“They don’t want to know” – gloomy Vic Thompson

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cllr. vic thompsonPoliticians are not flavour of the month

It is now more than half a year since the MPs expenses scandal broke around us and it seems that the whole affair, unsurprisingly, has had a negative effect on the people of South Tyneside in particular, and they are not alone amongst the general populus who continue to struggle to find much faith in their leaders. 73 per cent say politics is broken in Britain and 77 per cent say there are far fewer people in public life that they admire than there used to be. The poll suggests anger at MPs who have had to repay expenses. A third say that they will vote against their local MP if he or she had been required to repay money.

South Tyneside Independent councillor Victor Thompson (pictured) has probably been door stepping with his colleagues, who at a time when politicians are held in such low esteem, carry on annoying people by turning up in the middle of Emmerdale, X Factor, and Dancing on Ice, they just don’t get the message do they! Joking aside, there is probably an optimum amount of times that politicians should knock at our doors, it ought to be more often than election times only, but less often than every couple of months, there is likely to be a happy medium in between. One of the other things that some of our local councillors in South Shields and South Tyneside don’t get is double standards and hypocrisy, don’t lecture everyone else about partaking in Mayoral hospitality, official receptions in the Town Hall, councillors’ allowances, or enjoying  all the benefits of conferences away from Tyneside – especially if after dishing out your criticisms you then forget the whole lot claim the allowance and join in the party!

Councillor Thompson, not usually known for emphatic remarks or rumbustious debate within the council chamber (in fact some people have wondered whether his vocal chords were in a permanent state of disrepair) has been to a local government conference in north London recently where he bemoaned the fact that voters in Labour dominated South Tyneside were pretty downbeat, Thompson’s remarks were described as “gloomy”, but I suppose some remarks are infinitely better than none at all. He reports of the people of Primrose in Jarrow, who are being harangued by six candidates in a council by election:

“They don’t want to know.”

“The general consensus is that politicians are not really the flavour of the month. I suppose it’s to be expected, to a degree. They still don’t get the message out, MPs, do they?”

Neither do some councillors Vic, but it’s nice to hear you getting some message out from the comforts of a conference centre down in the capital. Instead of your group of Independent councillors fighting like ferrets in a sack with former sickened colleagues, and continuing to bash others in the community as well as councillors in some sort of personal vendetta, you ought to be promoting a positive message for change, you should be leaving the negative campaigning behind and telling us instead what you offer in the way of new ideas and new policies for South Tyneside. You know, I think it’s called a manifesto, a positive vision for the future!

Armed with such a document you might find that folks on the doorstep might change from “Don’t want to know”; we’ve had too many years of bickering, back biting, constant carping and criticising, personal attacks and insults, enough to last a lifetime, hardly any wonder that the Progressives, Steve Harrison, George Elsom, Tom Defty et al left your Alliance and reduced it’s size by approximately 50% .

Good to hear from you Cllr. Thompson, even if you had to go all the way to London to remind us that you are not flavour of the month!

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Written by curly

February 9, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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  1. I think that VT may actually have been referring to the Westoe by election. If so then let’s face facts, how can the “Alliance” have expected the electorate to have taken an interest when the group’s own guy was removed from STC for non attendance.

    Finally, I thought it was “Alliance” policy (yes, they do actually have two or three) not to send their councillors away on conferences at the taxpayers’ expense? I wonder how many other of the group’s membership have applied to the Labour leadership to attend such events.

    David Potts

    February 10, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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