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Indy Alliance newsletter has old face in new position

The Independent Alliance in South Tyneside regularly distribute newsletters amongst the wards of the borough, they have regularly made references to websites (including their own), twitter accounts of their councillors and candidates, and blogs, including the notorious Mr. Monkey’s blog, in the past. The most regular and largest of their newsletters has been published often by Councillor Ahmed Khan the Independent Alliance councillor for the Beacon and Bents ward, he has been keen to publicise on his Twitter page that “The Beacon” newsletter has a new editor, and he recently announced that he was pleased with the new boy’s work.

The latest issue of this newsletter has just landed on the doormats in South Shields, it’s full of old news that the online community is well aware of through Cllr. Khan’s Twitter page and the Independent Alliance blog, a place where “the editor” is careful about which comments are published, readers will pleased to note that the new editor employed for The Beacon newsletter is none other than a certain Mr. Peter Shaw.

Not the same old Peter Shaw who used to……………no we won’t go into that.

One only hopes that his ambitions are restricted to editing Khan’s newsletter (for it is still that) and that he has no forward plans for 2011, we’ve seen enough monkey business in this town already.

Also in the newsletter Mr. Lalon Amin is described as  “this crooked wannabe councillor” – isn’t a crook a person who has contravened the laws, a person who steals, lies, cheats or does other dishonest or illegal things? Unless there is something we don’t know, I’d chance my arm and say the editor wouldn’t print such words about an affluent rich man with a good lawyer behind him.

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Written by curly

February 13, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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