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Banging up the children

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Alan johnson MP

Home Secretary ought to be ashamed

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Following on from where I left off on Twitter, Gordon Brown has told us that in Britain every child matters, but I guess if he was speaking on behalf of his already discredited crew of weary travellers that he meant to (probably) say every British child matters, it seems the safeguards and aspirations that he has for children do not extend universally. It seems too that his fellow Cabinet ministers must share the same disdain for the innocent, neither the previous Home Secretary (Slippery) Jack Straw not the present incumbent of that high office Alan Johnson, or indeed the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband have ever raised the matter of Yarl’s Wood and none have moved any measures or proposed any improvements for the comfort of the children that Britain bangs up! Yes, and I guess that you thought it was illegal to imprison children in this country.

The conditions in detention centres ought to be studied and addressed by the leaders of all of our parties and they should remember that infant children have in no way been involved in any of the decision making processes of their parents, and therefore whilst in detention awaiting due process they ought not be treated in a manner that liberals in society would flinch at if they occurred in HM Prisons. I cringe every time that I read in the Shields Gazette of a South Tyneside family fighting against deportation knowing that they will spend inordinate time, possibly separated, in one of these detention centres.

Forgive me if I get my thinking muddled here, I know that not many would agree to the continuing influx of illegal immigrants, we know too that some immigration is perfectly legal and at times desirable when our economy struggles to fill certain skill gaps, so therefore it is necessary to have a facility where people can be accommodated whilst their status is ascertained, but for heaven’s sake we could surely ensure that the conditions at places such as Yarl’s Wood at least meet the hotel comforts expected by our worst criminals and murderers!

Yarl’s Wood may well claim that the problems highlighted in the Aynsley Green report are not symptomatic and that few complaints have been received but one can hardly be surprised that this particular group are benign, many not speaking English, most living in fear, and with limited access to legal services, they are the least likely to be demonstrative. However the problems are symptomatic of a government with a nasty authoritarian streak running through it ever since the Blair/Bush alignment and the T.W.A.T. (The War Against Terror), Johnson and David Miliband cry like babies that the world now seems convinced that Britain has colluded in torture and they faced the embarrassment of bowing to a High court judge to disclose that which they wished to keep secret, our Labour government fights through the courts in an attempt to prevent compensation being paid to British men who were tortured in Saudi Arabia after being wrongfully blamed for a spate of Al Qaeda bombings, yet all the while we trade arms with the Saudi Kingdom for all it is worth, (not to mention the BAE business), Mr. Miliband refuses to allow the Chargossians to return to their islands close to where it is alleged we knowingly allow the US to render terrorist suspects at Diego Garcia, this is the Labour government that promised the terrorists would never win and that they would never alter “the British way of life” yet in a few short years it has been altered immeasurably with the constant drip, drip, drip erosion of our civil liberties, and yet all the while the wife of the former Prime Minister profits hugely from defending human rights in a case of you make the law and I’ll make use of it.

We have reached a nadir where we lock away innocent children and fail to fully care for them, Big Brother turns a blind eye to the innocent but apparently wishes to honour those who made best of it’s laws. I doubt that so many transgressions of human rights and the stripping away of civil liberties have occurred in such a decade as the last in the course of Britain’s history – but try explaining that to the children who have allegedly been banged up and possibly banged about!

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Written by curly

February 17, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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  1. if you dont like these illegal people in detention centres, then demand that the bastards be deported.

    we have the same trouble with illegals/boat people here as well, except they are now called asylum seekers, and thats just bullshit, weve got detention centers here, and until its known just exactly who each individual is, its the best place for them.

    a few years back some arseholes in detention sewed their childrens lips together as a protest, that is the backward mindset of some of these people, they come here expecting to be given everything immediately and when they dont get their way, they make their own children suffer, we dont need that crap, and i dare say that your country doesn’t either….

    as for your illegals living in bad conditions, make a fifty page pamphlet with heaps of photos, spread it all over europe and the middle east, maybe the bastards will stop turning up on your front doorstep.

    then maybe some of britains taxes can be spent on brits for once…

    and maybe it will stop any would be terrorists from entering your country as well.


    February 19, 2010 at 2:21 am

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