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Stormy waters – two new Brown films


Brown denies ordering “forces of hell” on to Darling

Cor blimey this is becoming like an epic blockbuster movie as the wicked captain lashes his officers and men into shape on SS Great Britain, the ship that had the best design in the world, and was ready to face the turmoil and tribulations of a debt induced storm of a recession.

Just as some of his swarthy seamen were thinking the worst of the stormy waters had been navigated the boat starts to rock again and another area of deep depression changed the mood back to darkness as this new storm raged about them for four days or more, now the Chief Officer has complained that “the forces of hell” were unleashed against him after revealing that the weather forecast was not too grand, other officers had been sniggering behind his back, knives had been sharpened and his job on the forecastle was in dire danger! Captain Brown denied having any hand in the whispering campaign, but we can be sure that if this ship reaches a safe port Chief Officer Darling will probably be demoted.

Midshipman Woolas put his foot in the slops bucket and rocked the ship further by calling a charitable citizen a “prat” just as the storm seemed to be abating, other crewmen decided that the problems were political, caused by the crew of another ship, it had nowt to do with the leadership of their captain!

But lo what words do we hear from an embedded correspondent with a finely tuned ear listening to the crew in the lower decks? Part of the Captain’s Log had perhaps been altered and possibly by deckhand with previous form for helping his boss in tricky situations, it seemed possible that they had prior knowledge of the breaking storm and that the other ship was not to blame at all.

The rumors above and below decks about the Captain’s behaviour cannot be allowed to spread on this turbulent ship, and the Captain needs to get to dry land in a freshly pressed uniform ready to face an enquiry!

Get and and buy your copy of “Master and Commandline” now, before stocks run out, this epic tale of a ship heading for the rocks will have you gripping the edge of your seats.

Meanwhile Dizzy Thinks has discovered that that the news of this troubled ship and it’s highly strung Captain has reached Taiwan, where it has been reported with some hilarity!


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