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Gordon Brown Poster

Brown told he has it all wrong – by civil servant

Gordon Brown has been caught lying again, and this time it has needed a civil servant to write to him to point out the error of his ways. Factcheck at  C4 reveals that Brown’s false pronouncements on immigration figures were extrapolated from three different sets of figures and that it was unfair and wrong to compare apples with oranges, they quote Sir Michael Scholar, head of the UK Statistics Authority as saying:

“I attach a note, prepared by the ONS, on these statistics. You will see that the note points out that the podcast did not use comparable data series for 2007 to 2009, and that it did not take account of the revised estimate of long-term net immigration for 2007. The Statistics Authority hopes that in the political debate over the coming weeks all parties will be careful in their use of statistics, to protect the integrity of official statistics.”

Of course this is not the first time that the unelected Scottish Prime Minister has been found to be lying, as Guido Fawkes points out  he lied about defence spending and neighbourhood policing statistics in the last few weeks, but things are going from bad to worse if it takes a leading public servant to write to the snot chewing PM to forthrightly admonish him on his lack of straight forwardness. However, as we have witnessed week after week at PMQs, getting straight talk and straight answers from Gordon Brown is as difficult as getting the truth from Jane Branley about the funding of the South Tyneside Independent Alliance!

With the general election expected to be called next Tuesday when Brown has his regular weekly meeting with the Queen, the Conservatives have upped the anti with a new poster campaign, the first taste of things to come now that M&C Saatchi are back in the fold, and of course new posters mean new fun, and for a good taste of fun why not pop along to the foul mouthed Grumpy Old Twat who has started a whole new collection of posters, and The Guardian has a delightful set of hard man Brown posters which really deserve a wider airing here (their April 1st. contribution). Yup, the roller coaster ride of the general election starts next week and we Photoshoppers of the UK will be trying to outdo the official campaign ads and injecting a healthy dose of caustic humour into the serious messages (just need to find the correct fonts). I might even find the time to knock up some lampooning the local candidates for the council elections here in South Tyneside.

Anyway, back to the lying Brown and C4’s FactCheck:

“We accept that some of the statistics used in the Prime Minister’s podcast were not strictly comparable and as a result were unclear,” a spokesman said.

“As the chair of the Statistics Authority points out in his letter, the Prime Minister clarified the position in his speech today. The figures he used in his speech are consistent with the analysis set out in the accompanying note from Sir Michael Scholar.”

That’s a lot of well worded spin to tell us he told a few porkies!

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