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A healthy disregard for grasping devious politicians, and no MONKEY business either

The new blogger on the block in South Tyneside is causing a huge stir within political circles as dealings in rather more than salacious gossip find their way into his posts, The Fat Councillor today reveals his motivation and also tells of a huge input from members of the public only too willing to put the boot into the South Tyneside Independent Alliance. I guess other local politicians in South Shields and her neighbouring towns may just be getting a little wary in case his focus of attention turns their way.

Also in his posts today is a gradual crescendo surrounding the “appointment” of Mr. David McBride (son of Cllr. Jane Branley) as the Alliance Independent candidate for the Westoe ward in South Shields, and also what he claims is “proof” that Cllr. Ahmed Khan was the writer of the Mr. Monkey blog. There are many who believed that more than one hand was at work in that nasty little blog, would you necessarily believe that a sufficient standard of “proof” has been offered? Is it worth considering?

Well at least while Ahmed’s Wise Words is receiving so much attention and so much proffered information, I can put my feet up and look forward to the general election campaign in South Shields. I can imagine that Cllr. Khan is more than a little upset at the emergence of this blogger and that his Tweats on Twitter must now be getting frustrated and muddled, even I’ve lost count of how many Twitter pages he must contribute to, and he seems to think the whole thing is a Conservative plot!

My friends assure me that it is most definitely NOT, and that the only plot is the one which he is rapidly losing.

If you have any gossip or solid information about what you suspect is wrongdoing by your local South Tyneside politicians, do feel free to share it in the comments or privately by using the “contact” page. A link to Ahmed’s Wise Words will shortly be appearing in the side bar, and if you are a local journalist I have a feeling that it may be worth your while making it a regular read.

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Written by curly

April 4, 2010 at 6:06 pm

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