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South Tyneside Local Government election May 6th. 2010

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Full list of candidates

Beacon and Bents Pat Crozier South Tyneside Progressives
James Hills British National Party
Jim Hodgson Independent
Eddy Russell The Conservative Party Candidate
John Andrew Wood The Labour Party Candidate
Biddick and All Saints Steve Pattison Independent
Olive Punchion The Labour Party Candidate
David Richardson British National Party
George Smith The Conservative Party Candidate
Cleadon Park June Elsom Independent
Andrew Farrow
Jim Foreman The Labour Party Candidate
Quintin Ian Patrick Smith The Conservative Party Candidate
Christopher Harold Thornton British National Party
Harton Marilyn Huartt The Conservative Party Candidate
Neil Maxwell The Labour Party Candidate
Bramanay Nilsson Green Party
Lawrence Nolan South Tyneside Progressives
Bill Troupe Liberal Democrat
Adam Woods British National Party
Horsley Hill Dennis Allsop Independent
Enid Berry Liberal Democrat
Eileen Leask The Labour Party Candidate
Les Lovelock British National Party
Vivienne Margaret Mahon Independent
Christine Owen South Tyneside Progressives
Barbara Surtees The Conservative Party Candidate
Simonside and Rekendyke John Bennett South Tyneside Progressives
Peter Foreman British National Party
Ross Huartt The Conservative Party Candidate
Joan Margaret Meeks The Labour Party Candidate
David Mark Moore Green Party
Carole Troupe Liberal Democrat
West Park Bryan Atkinson Green Party
Tony Dailly The Conservative Party Candidate
Lynne Graham British National Party
Kenn Hickman South Tyneside Progressives
Helen Mary Speirs Independent
Bob Watters The Labour Party Candidate
Westoe Lynne Barber Green Party
Angela Lee South Tyneside Progressives
Paul McVay Independent
Christine Richardson British National Party
Allan West The Labour Party Candidate
George Wilkinson The Conservative Party Candidate
David Wood Independent
Whitburn and Marsden Peter Boyack The Labour Party Candidate
Marshall Grainger Independent
Elizabeth Jane Turnbull The Conservative Party Candidate
Donna Watson British National Party
Whiteleas Maurice Archer British National Party
William Edmund Brady The Labour Party Candidate
Robin Anthony Coombes Independent
Christopher Taylor The Conservative Party Candidate
Bede Thomas Whitfield Defty Independent
Anna Heyman Green Party
Anne-Marie McGourlay British National Party
Arthur Meeks The Labour Party Candidate
Boldon Colliery David Fettis The Conservative Party Candidate
Geordie Gilchrist British National Party
Alison Strike The Labour Party Candidate
Cleadon and East Boldon Joan Atkinson The Labour Party Candidate
Ileene Gilchrist British National Party
Lilian Jermain Milne South Tyneside Progressives
David Potts The Conservative Party Candidate
Fellgate and Hedworth Walter Featherston Armstrong The Conservative Party Candidate
Steven Harrison Independent
Maureen Scott British National Party
Moira Smith The Labour Party Candidate
Hebburn North Richard Porthouse The Labour Party Candidate
Susan Heather Troupe Liberal Democrat
Martin Joseph Vaughan British National Party
Hebburn South John Dagg Coe The Conservative Party Candidate
Joanne Durkin British National Party
Nancy Elizabeth Maxwell The Labour Party Candidate
Susan Tonks Liberal Democrat
Monkton Marc James Foster The Conservative Party Candidate
Caroline McLaughlin British National Party
Connie Ridgway Liberal Democrat
Jim Sewell The Labour Party Candidate
John Watson Independent
Primrose Tony Gair Green Party
Pete Hodgkinson British National Party
Anthony James Lanaghan The Conservative Party Candidate
Emma Louise Lewell The Labour Party Candidate
Aaron Luke Independent
Micky Plant Liberal Democrats

Andrew Farrow in the Cleadon Park ward is actually an Alliance Independent candidate, but forgot to fill in his description!

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Written by curly

April 8, 2010 at 1:44 pm

8 Responses

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  1. It might be rather old hat to admit to being a dyed in the wool, lifelong socialist,but it will never cease to amaze me how prospective candidates seem to hop gleefully from one party to another. Mr McVay seems to support his sister and brother in law whatever the party, for it is not so long ago that, as a Labour Party member, he was championing their cause at Ede House. Mind you that is also true of their son, David Mc Bride.There is even a candidate who has waltzed from Labour to Progressive whilst flirting with the Independents in between times. That’s not to mention the many others who have zig zagged across the floor with never a backward glance. Of course I recognise that that is their prerogative and their democratic right but it does elicit cynical thoughts. C’est la vie!


    April 8, 2010 at 4:51 pm

  2. I think it is quite understandable that there is a family connection in local politics. In the Labour Party most children or partners started by helping out at election time and established their credentials before applying to be a candidate in a winnable seat. The right to stand in such seats was quite hotly contested and you could not just waltz in because your mam or dad was a councillor.
    That’s the difference with the Branley’s. Despite the ‘bigging up’ of David he didn’t seem to have the credentials for the job. He also had a considerable past which was about to come back and haunt him. If Jane Branley had stopped to think she would have realised that the skeletons would come tumbling out the closet.When the penny dropped that the boy David might be a liability she produced her brother rather tha Ahmed’s daughter or Geraldine’s son Bet that pleased everyone.


    April 8, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    • Ha ha ………..what comes around goes around i guess
      now let me catch up on last years council tax……
      which i couldnt afford to pay as i got stitched up….

      mr de

      April 8, 2010 at 9:24 pm

  3. So many nazis standing. Is the BNP using the ‘throw shit against a wall’ technique to see if any sticks?


    April 8, 2010 at 6:29 pm

  4. where was mr branley today? I saw dennis (I like looking up eileens skirt) allsop sitting in the gallery (but he didnt try and look up Karens skirt!)

    i thought mr branley had promised he people of westoe to always attend his meetings in future.


    enough said


    April 8, 2010 at 8:41 pm

  5. word on the grapevine the indys vote will not reach double figures………..

    mr de

    April 8, 2010 at 9:27 pm

  6. Curly, Overheard a conversation, think it might be an interest to your bloggers. Went out with a few mates who i play rugby with for a few bevy’s. I overheard curly’s blog being talked about, ears pricked up. These few people were talking about another blog, either by a fat councillor or its called the fat councillor. names were mentioned, a Paul or Phill the driving instructor, Potty or Potsy and someone that sounded like la la amin, i dont know these people but it sounded like the people that run the new blog. One of the group said they used the tag “eye spy”, i think i recognise this person. How do you get onto this blog?

    One of my mates told me he had been told that McAtonany, a councillor from hebburn was making a play for the leader of the council against Ian Malcom and if McAtonany gets it he will be the leader for 4 years. Is that true curly? He also told me told me that a councillor they call “chief don george” because he looks like a horse, he is doing the deals so all the independants vote for McAtonanty.

    How can an independant vote for a labour leader curly?
    All we need to do is to make sure Progs get back into west park, let them lot fight it out else were.

    Thank you, The Fireman.


    April 11, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    • Simple way to get on that blog is to use the link to Ahmed’s Wise Words in the sidebar of this blog, failing that, do a search on Google for it. Cannot be of any help with the names you mention because I have no idea who the author of the blog is, but they are finding it very easy to garner information because of an obvious groundswell of unrest.

      Under the new constitution of many local councils, the whole council votes for a Leader, and not just the ruling group as in the past, the Leader is also elected for a fixed term, unless he/she loses their seat in the intervening years. This might explain the “horse trading” that you mention.


      April 11, 2010 at 2:42 pm

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