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Sulphur cloud threatens election

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Fall out from Clegg eruption

The Leaders Debate continues to cloud most political stories this weekend and will shape the news agenda probably until the second episode, it remains to be seen whether the Clegg effect will clear, or continue to ground the campaigns of Brown and Cameron. More time has been spent spinning the fall out since last Thursday than on the solid issues which both Labour and the Conservatives would like to put in front of us. The talk has evolved into love bombing, or simply bombing Nick Clegg, with an undercurrent of possible deals and “common ground” as preparations are more than likely being made to open “back channels” in the event of the election producing a hung Parliament where neither of the two major parties win enough seats to form a majority.

Oddly, in South Shields, there have been very few signs of the ash from Clegg’s eruption falling to ground, whilst Mr. Miliband, Mr. Kaikavoosi, Ms. Allen, and Ms. Ford have all been reported to have been active in the constituency, Mr. Psallidas would seem to be about as visible as the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano. Prime places of interest have been King Street and Harton Nook, and at least three of the candidates have been spotted in South Shields hand delivering their own leaflets.

David Miliband sees South Shields as a safe bet and has therefore been travelling around England in the past week trying to escape the Clegg cloud, he’s been to Tynemouth, Ingleby Barwick in the Stockton South constituency, Sunderland, Washington DC, Islington, Kilburn, Holborn, Bolton, Blackpool, Bury, and Southall, to name check just a few, but he will have to be back in South Shields shortly to personally thank his favourite fish and chip restaurant for decorating their place with his posters (and to buy a meal) there is also the question of a big public debate with the other candidates in St. Hilda’s Church in the Market Place on April 24th, kick off is at 7.30 pm and entry is free. Perhaps the other candidates might like to ask Mr. Miliband how many miles he has travelled since Parliament was dissolved and how many man hours he has spent campaigning in South Shields? If you get a chance to see Mr. Psallidas at the debate, try and touch him, just to see if he is course, grainy, abrasive, and likely to Clegg clog up more systems after finishing off your independent strategic nuclear defences!

I think I ought to go along, such meetings provide useful fodder for the Saturday night chugging sessions with a bunch of grumpy old men no longer fit enough to hold up the bar, so we noisily debate in a corner!

Nominations for the General Election close tomorrow, so we’ll know then whether or not further candidates will be seeking our votes in South Shields or Jarrow.

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Written by curly

April 19, 2010 at 10:27 am

3 Responses

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  1. I have been out twice in King Street with Mr Miliband and other Labour Party members. I know he has been in the Horsley Hill area too


    April 19, 2010 at 12:58 pm

  2. […] In his place we get pictures and/or quotes from South Shields “celebs” Ken Gibson, Ray Spencer, Bashir Malik, and dead soap character Vera Duckworth who joins Miliband in repeating the lie that there are more policemen on the beat! We can also see pictures of a man more used to inter galactic space travel, which is pretty apt considering the miles that Mr. Miliband is putting in to stay out of South Shields! […]

  3. […] was frightening people in Gloucester and Bristol yesterday, Durham and Blaydon today, on top of his other journeys during the […]

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