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One of the worst weekends ever!

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A virtual housebound experience

I only recently updated this post with a comment, but the activity since late Friday afternoon has been at an horrendous level, reaching a crescendo early yesterday evening, as we were constantly interrupted at less than thirty minute intervals by flashing blue lights and every emergency service wanting to break down our door if they couldn’t gain access – it has not been fun (and explains my inability to go to St. Hilda’s church last night).

I reiterate that these activities (which put lives in South Shields at risk and waste valuable resources) have no connection whatsoever with any activities, comments, or remarks made in any political blogs at all. Thankfully, after intense pressure has been put on the emergency services, who are very much sick and tired of the hoaxes now, we are reaching the end game.

Written by curly

April 25, 2010 at 9:34 am

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