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Independent Alliance Candidates 2010

“Goldie’s” artwork fails to improve chances!

Not sure whether or not this was reprehensible vandalism and criminal damage – if so, where are the calls for a prosecution? After all, somebody must have climbed all over Cllr. Khan’s property to do this, dislodging expensive pieces of mortar! The culprits of course may have been 7 foot tall, hence the reluctance to take action.

On the other hand Mr. “Goldie , who “woz here”, may be South Shields’ answer to “Banksy”, attempting to create some artistic modernism with a political point in South Tyneside –  sorry but these are hardly Picassos are they? Airbrushing was probably needed originally at the start of the campaign, but you were probably right, as more details emerged, to go for obliteration.

Just a pity that you haven’t learned how to handle the well respected 6 inch “flopper” favoured by many painters and decorators in this town, instead you stuck to the accurate but time consuming chisel tipped felt pen. I guess you were a beneficiary of Labour’s education spending, and probably used your Educational Maintainance Allowance to finance your project.

This blogger, of course, cannot condone your behaviour Mr. Goldie, and I appreciate how much work, effort, and expense went into offering the customers of Simply Workwear a more colourful exterior decoration to enhance their shopping experience. Do you realise how many passing passengers on numerous buses must have been appalled by your artistic handiwork?

I do however acknowledge that even the famed Mr. Banksy failed to polish a t***.

This is not art at all, it is nothing more than vandalism – the “family” will be looking for you!

If you know who “Goldie” is please pass the details on to Cllr. Jane Branley or Cllr. Ahmed Khan, after you have informed the police, then if you have the time drop me an email too.

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Written by curly

May 9, 2010 at 2:32 pm

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