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New Miliband site hits the interwebz

Fake Miliband website

Click the picture to go there

Here’s the interesting bit from the right hand side:

I will be looking to run as Leader of the Labour party once Gordon has finally accepted that he has lost the Election and can no longer cling onto power. He will go down as the only British Prime Minster to have ruled for 13 years having never been elected by the people.

Bit of a shocker huh?

Thanks to Helen Duffet at Lib-Dem Voice for finding this one, see this coalition can be useful!

The website is registered in the name of  Graham Pope from Edinburgh, anybody know him?

In other Miliband news today the South Shields MP and former foreign secretary gets featured by Hattie Garlick who must be delighted to remind us all that he is (or isn’t) a policy “wonk”

Finally Cristina Odone writes a better piece in The Daily Telegraph calling Miliband “nice but foolish” there are a couple of passages which Labour Party members really ought to learn off by heart before thinking of how to use their votes.

This is the man who tried to stop the publication of evidence showing how Binyam Mohamed, a British citizen, had been tortured at Guantanamo Bay. Miliband worried about incurring American displeasure, you see: what was a miscarriage of justice in comparison to being Hillary Clinton’s sweetheart? He had lawyers attack the High Court judges who wanted to make the evidence public as “irresponsible” and warned they risked jeopardising delicate diplomatic efforts.

Not that Miliband is great on diplomacy himself. This the man who caused outrage by linking the terror attacks in Mumbai in January 2009 as backlash against the Indians’ handling of the dispute over Kashmir. Peter Mandelson had to be parachuted in to calm down the Indian government and avoid a crisis.

Finally it is under his watch as Foreign Secretary that a young British Pakistani was put in charge of the forthcoming papal visit. The FO staffer had great fun devising a fantasy tour for Benedict (which he foolishly sent around to friends and colleagues), which would include blessing a gay marriage and handing out condoms labelled “Benedict”. It was funny, in a puerile way, but it did make one wonder whether, with this man in charge of government, we might end up with a homeopath at the helm of the NHS and an illiterate heading up Education.

Thank goodness, then, that nice but foolish Mr Miliband only risks being the leader of the Labour Party and not anything serious.


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Written by curly

May 18, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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