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A deflating weekend……..

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wayne rooney…….more complaints about Rooney than there were about Khan and Branley!

Yes it has all been a bit disappointing to see the rich and famous not pulling their weight and to ice the cake by making sarcastic remarks about the booing that followed, even after the deflating feeling imbued by England’s failure to despatch a workmanlike Algerian team at the World Cup Finals. The monotonous droning sounds of the vuvuzelas were still ringing in my ears here in South Shields as I read of Rooney’s apparent apology, the words were likely of course to be have been penned by some minion in the F.A. and handed out in the Scouser’s name to the waiting press, thus making him possibly, the most unpopular Englishman around the world this morning – even more unpopular than some of our local councillors!

So congratulations must go to Wayne Rooney for learning to be more insulting than even Cllr, Ahmed Khan could manage!

Cllr. Khan and his leader Cllr. Jane Branley along with Cllr. Gordon Finch, all representatives of the South Tyneside Independent Alliance, have recently had complaints against them escalated to the Standards Board for England, and a couple of those complaints have been further escalated to First Tier Tribunals for adjudication. In respect of some earlier complaints Cllr. Gordon Finch, the former Progressive, was found not to have breached the Code of Conduct over allegations of fiddled expenses and racist insults, in Cllr. Khan’s earlier case he too was found not to have breached the Code of Conduct because some of his actions occurred before he had become a councillor and that his alleged racial comment

was not sufficiently insulting to constitute disrespect.

So there you are, he doesn’t yet insult to the same degree as Wayne Rooney, so we can assume it’s O.K. to carry on booing.

Cllr. Jane Branley had also been found not to have breached the Code of Conduct in an earlier case, after it was decided that there was no evidence linking her to the writing of Independent Alliance newsletters:

The ethical standards officer found no evidence that Councillor Branley was responsible for the offending articles in three of the newsletters. These newsletters were clearly written and gave the impression as being written by a member of the public.

Two other cases alleging misconduct by Cllrs. Branley and Khan are to be decided by a First Tier Tribunal, Jane Branley will appear before a Tribunal at the George Washington Hotel in Washington on 29th June at 9:30 am, and it will be open to the public, Cllr. Khan’s Tribunal date has yet to be confirmed.

I offer no opinion on these cases, especially as the outcome is yet to be determined, but I am a little surprised that neither those already dealt with, or those still to be heard, have not yet seen the light of day in our local news outlets purely as information dissemination, perhaps they are waiting to get a little more solid factual basis before being able to complete the story.

In the mean time I sit here feeling a little deflated knowing that the well paid prima donnas are making headlines in spite of very poor performances – I’m off to watch Sunderland’s Paulo da Silva playing for Paraguay against Slovakia – enjoy the rest of the football folks!

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Written by curly

June 20, 2010 at 1:41 pm

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