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Miliband bashes Brown

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Pity that he couldn’t have managed this when in government eh?

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Considering that the Prince of Darkness has revealed that Brown did everything that he could to woo David Miliband to his right hand side when in government, the South Shields MP politely declined the invitation, apparently Brown feared a leadership fight against Miliband, yet young David never did quite have the stomach for it in the first place.

One has to wonder at the ultimate ambitions of our MP, who has found it increasingly difficult to visit South Shields since the ill fated Brown called the election,  and also wonder at his inability to articulate himself as Labour’s fortunes nosedived under the unelected Scotsman’s leadership. Now Miliband feels free to point out the high handedness, the weaknesses, and the failure to renew Labour’s political offer, he says that he didn’t feel ready to be a Prime Minister when we all expected him to lead a  bloodless coup against Brown, and that in his judgement he thought his decision to acquiesce was in the country’s best interests – history has shown that it was probably not in the Labour Party’s best interest.

I find it incredible that he and other Cabinet ministers felt powerless at the time that Brown and Darling decided to abolish the 10p tax rate, a decision which met widespread derision in the country, were they all living in morbid fear of the then Prime Minister? By agreeing to the “settled will” within the higher reaches of the Labour Party that they should stick with Brown he reveals a mentality since exposed in the newspapers that many of them were expecting a heavy defeat and preparing then for a period in opposition.

I find this terribly odd when the chances are that a change in leader may well have resulted in a much closer result in May. Miliband acknowledges that the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition is strengthening its grip on power and is unlikely to be unseated or damaged in the near future, and then bizarrely states that Labour must remain the party of economic competence! I ask you, after the mountains of debt, the huge budget deficit, the growth in unemployment, the destruction of savings and pensions, and the reduction in Britain’s credit rating, competence David?

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