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Selective amnesia Michael?

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Cllr. Michael Clare, South TynesideThis man needs taking to task!

“I do believe the coalition Government’s direction will have a significant impact on reducing job creation opportunities and sustainable employment if it continues to cut, without consideration for the social implications of such an approach.”

Cuts Michael, what cuts?

Don’t you remember that we already know that public expenditure was set to rise in the Budget announced by George Osborne?

Don’t you remember that we are actually talking about the reduction in the size of the growth in public expenditure?

Don’t you remember that Labour’s last Chancellor Alastair Darling heralded “cuts deeper and more severe than those applied in the Thatcher years” if they were returned to power?

Don’t you remember that the two major parties argued over a paltry £6bn worth of economies in the growth of public expenditure at the last election?

Coun Michael Clare, South Tyneside Council’s lead member for jobs, enterprise and regeneration, said the national situation will not get any better if the coalition Government continues its “brutal” cuts.

I guess you must mean the “brutal” rate of increase in public expenditure then Michael (in case you had forgotten).

However, just in case I forget, this is just the sort of language and reversion to type that I was expecting Labour members of South Tyneside to exhibit in the event that any bad news should befall this borough, little point in blaming the current economic situation on the party that created it (your own, in case you had forgotten) when there are good Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to pile the blame upon.

Just in case you have forgotten Michael, the election was less than ten weeks ago, remember? If the coalition government was four years old then perhaps we might be able to give your comments some credence, but seeing as it isn’t and the effects of Darling’s last budget have yet to feed through into the real economy, then frankly we cannot. If perhaps you had been humble enough to admit that Labour had left us with one or two problems and perhaps even given a short apology for the economic and fiscal ineptitude of a socialist government that once again ran out of other people’s money, I might have been more impressed. Instead your selective amnesia and eagerness to run to the default position of decrying evil Tory “cuts” does you a great disservice young man!

Now, then, how many jobs did the Labour Party manage to create in South Tyneside in the last thirteen years? Well there was a call centre on the riverside………….

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6 Responses

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  1. One North East the RDA for our region has provided economic growth, regeneration and employment. It provided a strategic ability rather than a mass of local authority councils that were not unified. The ConLibs said they would replace RDAs with LEPs. That is unless businessmen and local authorities wanted them to remain on a regional basis.
    Our businessmen and councils stated that they wanted a regional approach. Guess what. The ConLibs decided against that, did a u-turn and we may now end up with a number of LEPs, costing more and being less effective. Also of course putting 300 staff out of work, but why worry about them! Why are the ConLibs getting rid of an organisation with a proven record of accomplishment of efficiency and economic effectiveness? Why didn’t they at least spend some time finding out what works in the northeast? This is a case of the baby out with the bath water. Have you noticed adverts for example, on TV for tourism for the Isle of Man, Yorkshire etc. Yes, but none for the northeast, why? Because the tourism industry is strategically placed for the north east in ONE. Because the government has said no more spending, there are no more adverts. Another example of the north east missing out and being economically deprived. Trust me this is another Death Knell for the northeast.


    July 16, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    • In the run-up to the General Election The Journal launched its Case for the North East to convince national decision makers of the need to preserve the strong regional voice seen as essential to maintaining a growing local economy.

      Those concerns appeared to have been met head on in a promise from central government to allow the enterprise partnership to cover the entire North East.

      From The Journal 30th. June 2010

      Whilst it is accepted that some savings were there to be made in many areas of public life, one must also accept that overall public spending IS SET TO RISE over the next four years, and that most economic experts agree that a return to spending levels of two years ago are needed to reduce the size of the huge budget deficit to manageable levels and to repay some of the debt interest payments that hang around our necks like a millstone. At the general election we elected, on the whole, parties whose programmes to reduce the deficit were further reaching and with faster intent than the outgoing government, who, although committed to reductions in the planned spending growth, were comprehensively blamed by the electorate for creating the financial mess that now needs to be dealt with by others.

      I’m glad, at least, that the leader of Durham County Council, Simon Henig, seems to accept the democratic wish of the electorate as expressed in May. Remember too that Labour warned of impending massive reductions in the growth of public expenditure had they retained power, their figures were only £6bn behind the Tories! With £1.5 trillion of debt to contend with, an additional £6bn of reductions in planned spending growth is trifling to say the least.

      My point being, if Labour had retained power, who would Cllr. Clare be blaming now?


      July 16, 2010 at 4:21 pm

      • You make my point very well, the promise of regionalisation, appears not to have been kept, and we are looking at having at least three LEPs. My other point is why are the government scrapping wholesale, some departments that are A) performing very well B) regenerating deprived areas with a net profit return. they haven’t even had time to examine what they do and how well they do it! Curly, you cannot defend that! Also, whilst the old government had many failings, they also improved many things, please don’t be blinkered. The reality is that the current government is on icy ground, if I was a LibDem, I would not be happy, if I was a conservative I would not be happy, a labour supporter will not be happy. A foundation of a government built on sand. There is no positives anywhere (although someone tell me ‘we are all in this together…yeah!) and I would like you to tell us where the good news is in all of this for the northeast. What good news can you give those who are to be made redundant simply for doing a good job, who have saved for their retirement (the conservatives say more people should save) and as a consequence are not allowed any benefits, at all! Whilst labour clearly did not deal with fiscal issues well, I must remind you that it was the capitalist society, that brought about the credit crunch, at least the government is asking them (the banks) to pay £2b back, wow! No it is Mr + Mr’s ordinary that will pay the price of the rich mans folly.


        July 16, 2010 at 6:21 pm

  2. Kevin, Labour almost bankrupted the country. I’m rather tired of ‘socialists’ who seem to believe that there is a magic money tree at the bottom of the garden.

    Yes, Iain Malcolm et al will use every opportunity to blame the new government for Gordon Brown’s utter fiscal incompetence. They will also attempt to rewrite history with regards to STC. A council that has absolutely no idea about how to manage its budget responsibly.

    David Potts

    July 18, 2010 at 11:10 am

  3. David, you will note that my comments are directed to wards the national government, not local politicians. However, a source tells me that the European Union had £100m to invest in the northeast, this needed match funding by either the public or private sector. Guess what, as the RDA is not allowed to administer it, it looks as if we have lost it! Why are the government throwing out good plants with the weeds? Why is the region being denied such investment. Please don’t tell me you are a person who cares little for the people of our area, unemployment is high and will rise further, don’t treat families as if they are statistics, a few percent here or there don’t matter! Well, they do matter. Whilst the labour government could have handled their fiscal approach better, don’t be too quick to forget that it was the greed of the multinational banks that caused the crash. The point I’m making is not in support of the old administration, it is an objective observation on the policies (I deem damaging) of the new.


    July 18, 2010 at 2:37 pm

  4. Since Curly cited the Journal, lets have a look at todays issue, 60,000 jobs dependant on tourism in the northeast, £35m spent over 5 years generating £105m in private investment. As a result of ONE strategic efforts in tourism the industry is now worth £4b in our region, the value of the tourism sector in the northeast has surged by 30% in the past five years, the number of people directly employed by tourism as a result of ONE strategies has increased by 14.5%, an extra 1,000,000 people stayed overnight in the region last year. A rise of 12% to 9,000,000. The ConLibs are getting rid of this success story, the point I’ve been making is why? This organisation has been making serious long term improvements in the area, the cost effectiveness is real with large net gains in jobs and private investment. How can any person who cares for our local community wish such a success to come to an end. It doesn’t make economic sense. Or is it a case of caring for those from where the votes come? That is the south. Trust me, another Death Knell for the northeast.


    July 19, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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