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Council Tax freeze

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Ed Malcolm suggests it’s a Labour proposal

After years and years of doing nothing else but raising the level of Council Tax in South Tyneside (a real burden for the few who have to pay it), Ed Malcolm suggests in the Shields Gazette that the local Labour Party now want to freeze it!!

The council is aware that residents are suffering in this difficult financial climate, so we are proposing to freeze council tax in South Tyneside, so that our residents have one less pressure on already overstretched household budgets

Absolute poppycock Ed and you know it!

It is bad enough listening to our local Labour council vilifying the Conservative Party and the Lib-Dems for “cutting” expenditure (at a time when public expenditure and borrowing is still on the way up), but to then claim some sort of credit for a tax freeze, stretches the bounds of credibility. Until the chips were down Ed and his brother Iain didn’t have a clue how to reduce spending locally, every year when they asked the electorate about council tax in some sort of spin consultation, the choice was between rise a, b, c, or d! Never any offer of a freeze or reduction, that is, until the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition forced it upon them.

The freeze has been imposed across the UK by central Government, which is offering councils a “reward” payment in compensation. South Tyneside will get £1.45m.

No apologies either for the economic mess that their party left behind nationally, neither does he mention that things would have been equally tough if Labour had returned to power in Westminster last year, no reminders about the huge spending cuts that Alistair Darling had lined up. Ed Malcolm made no conciliatory warnings before the last election that South Tyneside Council would have to cut it’s cloth with very large scissors – why?

More than likely because he regards the majority of us as pure mugs; the vast majority of council tax payers and South Tyneside Homes tenants do not pay full rent or council tax, rises hardly affect them at all, those on benefits hardly feel this particular cold blast of economic reality. No –  it is the small minority who do not receive benefits who feel the weight upon their shoulders, but the Malcolms know that come election time that small number is still likely to be in the minority when the ballot boxes are emptied.

We mugs all have terrible memories, we cannot remember more than a few weeks back, so it’s safe for Ed to start bashing the evil wicked Tories, it’s all their fault for messing things up, and the Labour Party kindly offered you a tax freeze to soften the blow.

Pass the sick bag.

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Written by curly

February 11, 2011 at 8:41 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Labour supporters are equally sick of every Tory or Lib Tory prefacing their answer to just about every question on “Question Time” and “Any Questions” with a homily on the alleged economic mess that Labour has left behind. There are issues to address, noone doubts that, and local government economies are long overdue, but bureaucracy, waste, inefficiency and hypocritical management speak is as much a characteristic of the over lauded private sector as the public sector.


    February 12, 2011 at 8:24 am

  2. The hard working “opposition parties” are contributing to the debate with reasoned, intellectual analysis and dicussion,for example by launching pointless personalised attacks on “GAZETTE” editor John S.To quote the Tory hierarchy at national level “where is their plan?”.Perhaps somewhere there is a dodgy dossier outlining their vision for a post cuts South Tyneside…


    February 17, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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