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Don’t pass this Buck Ed!

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karen buck

Karen Buck

What an appalling woman!

So……and this has got me to think about things which are not happening in Japan, North Africa, or the Gulf states……… the Tories and Lib-Dems are not only evil, super rich Eton educated toffs, heinous child killers, and pompous oafs, but they are also misogynists who want to launch a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the capital.

The picture I link to on the left is from The Daily Telegraph where it is reported today that Labour’s front bench “spokesperson” (Shadow Works and Pensions minister no less) Karen Buck has been giving a speech attacking the government’s plan to limit the amount of housing benefit to £400 per week from next month.

I have no problem with her opposing that and will defend her rights of free speech, at least she is being consistent, which is more than can be said for Miliband and Balls when it comes to fuel prices, but the semantics and choice of phrases used was risqué to say the least:

“(The Government) do not want lower-income women, families, children and, above all, let us be very clear – because we also know where the impact is hitting – they don’t want black women, they don’t want ethnic minority women and they don’t want Muslim women living in central London……

“The Government is one that is deeply hostile to middle- and lower-income women having children.

“When you listen to the Tories speaking in Parliament, there is an arrogance and an ignorance that I have never known in my 13 years in Parliament: basically, thinking that anyone whose income is below the top rate of tax shouldn’t have children.”

Talk about going over the top a little! She may as well have said that the Tories want to ethnically cleanse London and force all women to leave regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, or social class, presumably the evil Tories will be happy to see the centre of London occupied solely by men in sharp suits…….duh!

Such inflammatory and divisive language has no place in the modern day Labour Party, whose leaders must realise that the Chairman of the Conservative Party is Baroness Sayeeda Hussein Warsi, this country’s first Muslim member of the Cabinet. However, this is just the sort of evidence that will suggest the Labour Party has still not modernised and is still bedevilled with dinosaur dogmas from the past.

So far there has been no comment from Ed Miliband on his colleague’s outburst, no admission of collective responsibility, no condemnation of his shadow minister’s speech, and no recognition that the policy is clearly designed to trim public costs regardless of who or where it applies to. So Mr. Miliband, are you going to accept this sort of speech as being representative of the modern Labour Party or not?

What the Buck is going on Ed?

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Written by curly

March 17, 2011 at 1:56 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I agree with your sentiment, however muslim merely states a persons religion, I’m not sure where that fits, there are quite a few white muslims in our borough. Housing is a difficult issue for any government to deal with. What I wonder is the answer? One suggestion made to me would be to have a census of all social housing to ensure it fits need, e.g. where a single person lives in a two or three bedroomed house whilst a family live in smaller houses. If someone lives in social housing it should be to fit need. I wonder if following a census allocations were then based on need whether it would assist? But Curly come on, lets avoid the mud dragging you have shown you can run a good blog so simply avoid the mud slinging.


    March 17, 2011 at 3:09 pm

  2. Buck needs to look at Labour’s 2010 Election Manifesto which proposed exactly what the Tories are doing. A manifesto authored by one E Miliband.


    March 17, 2011 at 6:47 pm

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