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Local Conservative gets down where it matters

He’s like Sir Alex Ferguson, well beaten but willing to learn from the experience.

I have to say I’m impressed by this early indication from Mr. Ali Hayder of his desire to get involved in grassroots issues, he has taken onboard some the advice dispensed from this blog in the run up to the 2011 local government elections in South Tyneside and decided that the long run up to the next big match up starts now. There is a lesson here for all of the defeated Conservative candidates at the start of this month that if they want to improve the prospects of Tories in twelve months time then they need to be out and about in their communities building up a base of support and involving local residents in small campaigns that make a difference to their own lives. It is NOT rocket science!

All candidates will have heard mumbles and grumbles IF they were taking the time to knock on doors and speak to people during the election campaign, and just as the wily Sir Alex Ferguson will ring some changes very shortly then so should our two local Conservative Associations in Jarrow and South Shields. It ought not be too difficult to find a dozen members of the public willing to join the party if they see that a representative is publicly involved in pressing those issues that matter to them. All it then needs is for each new party member to sign up an additional two friends or relatives and before you know it you could have increased the membership to around a hundred in a ward! Now think what could be achieved if just 25% of them were willing to help distribute literature at election time, they need only work in their own street or a couple around them.

I take my hat off to Mr. Hayder, the former business owner is using his time profitably and impressing upon people that local Conservatives have a role in the community and that he has every intention of engaging with them on a long term basis to improve the relationship between themselves and the party. It is important that the people of South Shields and Jarrow get to see that Conservative activists look and sound exactly like any other neighbour in their street and feel the same angst about the issues that concern each other, the party needs to show that it is NOT made up solely of Eton educated plummy sounding “toffs” as depicted by its opponents, it is simply not the case!

Keep at it Mr. Hayder and shout the message loud and clear at your party meetings that Tories need to be out campaigning all year round!

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Written by curly

May 29, 2011 at 10:12 am

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