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The Great North picture story

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It explains my absence

I haven’t gone away and left you all alone, I’m just busy processing the almost 400 pictures that I shot on Sunday as the Great North Run made its way through South Shields. I always shoot RAW files, which I process myself, unlike .jpgs you have no idea what your picture looks like on your computer monitor until this is done. I won’t go down the road of explaining how the image on the back of your camera display is only a .jpg and not totally representative of your full 32 bit RAW file, however I will tell you that I am trying to tell a complete story of the Great North Run in South Shields Daily Pictures related in a “Polaroid ” style and hope to have about thirty days worth ready to show by next week.

Meanwhile, I have to say that I’m a little annoyed that Cllr. Potts chooses this place to carry out his incoherent arguments about public sector pensions, just as public sector legal teams are doing their utmost to make it easier for himself and three other plaintiffs to pursue litigation against a so far un-named Monkey, and to stoop to using personal insult against another of my readers here is pretty poor form. I’m sure Cllr. Potts knows that he is capable of a far higher standard of debate than this, as he has demonstrated in the past.

We should all know by now, that pensions provision for all of us, whether in the public or the private sector, is unlikely to be sustainable at current rates as the UK’s population gets forever older. We all need to understand that those of us working now, are working to provide the pensions of our children, our father’s generation worked to provide our pensions, and that we will all need to either contribute a higher annual amount to our pension pot, or work additional years to fill it up. Otherwise we face certain penury.

Still, I cannot see any point in striking or withdrawing labour over the issue, it won’t go away.

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Written by curly

September 21, 2011 at 9:26 am

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