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Mayor in new “cuts agenda”

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Cllr. Eileen Leask, South Tyneside Mayor

Cllr. Eileen Leask, Mayor of South Tyneside

The Mayor of South Tyneside to cut her weight

The Mayor of South Tyneside Cllr. Eileen Leask told me today that she is on a mission to make serious cuts! No, not more public finances under threat but her waistline!

Eileen is determined to lose a few pounds and will be asking people to sponsor her to raise funds for some of the Mayoress’s charities this year. Having lost a few myself over the past two years I’ll be only too happy to help her out, and a little publicity to start her campaign cannot cause it any damage. More details when I get them – best of luck Eileen 🙂

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Written by curly

July 22, 2012 at 9:08 pm

So Labour wants to double the price of alcohol

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Idiotic idea!

When will they understand that the price of alcohol is not the problem, the culture is the problem that needs to be solved!

The crackdown will mark the culmination of a scheme, overseen by Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, to cut alcohol abuse. Tackling the problem will be a major plank of the party’s manifesto.

Except, of course, this idiotic idea will not solve the problem, price has little or no correlation to the amount of consumption and as Timmy points out minimum price setting would be illegal under EU laws and the use of a tax revenue as an alternative would be legal but only supply a never ending stream of cash to those puritanical bodies in advance of those who are far more deserving of taxpayer help.

No, it’s not just the cretinism of raising alcohol prices (looking across Europe there are countries with lower prices and less drunkenness, places with higher and just as many problems with binge drinking), they’ve also managed to come up with the worst possible method of doing it. Illegal and creating an independent  bureaucracy with no financial oversight.

Edukashun, edukashun, edukashun! (Tony Blair was right there, so where have they gone wrong?)

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Written by curly

January 14, 2010 at 10:43 am

Hospital food

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What is his beef?

I don’t know how many days Bob Piper has spent in hospital over the past couple of years, but he seems awfully upset over the standard of meals and mirrors the Mirror’s piece (which is just typically anti-privatisation):

Standards are so low because most food is ready-made by outside contractors and costs as little as £1.50 per head – only half what is spent on meals for prisoners in jail.

Horses for courses and all that, but I can speak from personal experience, and the meals that I have received at South Tyneside District Hospital in South Shields, and the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle have more than surpassed my expectations. Piping hot, varied menus, deliciously tasty, and worth going back for!

Things may be different in other parts of the country, but in these days of choice of where you can take your treatment, I’d advise him (should he have the misfortune of becoming seriously ill), to plump for the North East – every time!

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Written by curly

March 30, 2009 at 10:29 am

I’m all for healthy diets, but….

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Snooping and bullying is not the answer

“Missy” took her lunch box to school this morning.

It contained a couple of ham salad sandwiches, a yoghurt, a piece of fruit based flapjack, and a fresh Clementine, she drinks water. Luckily her school in South Shields, whilst interested in trying to educate parents about healthy eating for their children, does not go snooping through her lunchbox to confiscate whatever evil sinful or quasi illegal foodstuff that we may decide to put in it.

If they did, South Tyneside’s Labour lead member for schools and young people, Cllr. Jimmy Foreman, would be rceiving a very “tart” letter from me complaining of bullying at school, something else which the NuLabour project is keen to stamp out. “School dinner Jimmy”, of course, is an expert on school nutritional needs and he’s sampled a school dinner in every one of the borough’s schools, he used to be a lithesome slim bus driver of less then twelve stones before he met the dinner ladies of South Tyneside, but that’s another story. I am happy that whichever route to health and happiness “Missy” takes is at present very acceptable in South Tyneside, school meal menus are varied and adaptable to a wide variety of tastes and are nutritionally balanced, options include vegetarian, halal, and the odd treat (chips or ice cream) and always include some fresh fruit. Lunch packs appear not to be inspected but occasionally schools distribute literature advising on the best balance for meal times and show the good options available to parents.

Surely persuasion is the more preferable route?

The regime in Barnet, North London appears to have set itself up as a NuLab health Stasi to bully and hector children into eating as they are told, I wonder how many of the teachers are strictly following the government’s healthy eating guidelines?

Yes, that’s right, they are only guidelines, not the law of the land you numpties.

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Written by curly

March 16, 2009 at 12:15 pm

What is a good age?

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When do you judge people to be mature enough to be telling you what to do?

  • Err 17?
  • Err 19?
  • 21?
  • 30?
  • 45?

This girl wants to be the Labour Member of Parliament for East Worthing and Shoreham, her name is Emily Benn (yes, she is related) and was only 17 when she was adopted as the candidate.

Devil’s Kitchen has the full run down, and a good argument as to why she is far too young!

Personally, I disagree, you are never too young to go out and take a good thrashing at the hands of the electors. Just imagine the lessons you could learn. One could argue that if elected  your freshness and youth could be a great advantage, in as much as you haven’t had time to be corrupted.

On the other hand, people will just accuse you of being fresh out of school and wet behind the ears.

There is quite a record of relatively young politicians in South Shields, I was elected a councillor at the age of 23, as was Labour’s Martin Lightfoot, I dare say that the current leader of South Tyneside Council was around the same age when he was first elected, and Independent councillor Ahmed Khan has already witnessed his daughter’s first attempts to gain public approval at the age of 18.

Of course, if you take the view that people are elected to serve rather than to tell others what to do……

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Written by curly

January 11, 2009 at 1:26 pm

Fatties facing the sack!

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Air-India slimfast

Indian court upholds new “weight restrictions”

I thought it was only in our soft headed wooly thinking so called liberal democracies that the war against food lovers was being executed with vigour. But no, such weighty battles are being fought and won in India too.

Call it a heavy defeat: ten air hostesses employed by Air India have been dismissed for being too fat to fly.

“It is incredibly upsetting that working women are being targeted. This is not a modelling job; we are not working a catwalk.”-Sheila Joshi, 51, air hostess.

Trouble is, now that the courts have backed the airline in one country, they are more likely to back them in others, and then they can start on the customers!

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Written by curly

January 6, 2009 at 6:45 pm

Reports of my demise etc…

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…..are all wide of the mark

So I haven’t posted since before the Christmas, calm down everybody. I’m just enjoying a few quiet days with my children, helping them to learn how to play with their new toys, and enjoying it too! It’s liberating when you are not tied down to the keyboard, some bloggers should give it a try.

Thank you to those who have sent emails or texts wishing me a Happy Christmas and enquiring about my health, I’m feeling quite well, although there are a few appointments welling up in January. I should benefit from a little loss in weight which I hope to achieve by cycling more, which brings me around to the sales. I’ve never seen such a dismal turnout of customers in South Shields, King Street on Boxing Day was less busy than the average Sunday and that’s dead! Meanwhile it was impossible to find a parking spot in Jarrow, Saturday was much the same, and after a drive around the region with “Junior” looking for a bargain bike we discovered that the Metro Centre was very busy, the Retail World at Team Valley was manic with parking almost impossible, and Washington Galleries were also heaving, again parking was a problem. It seems for some reason that shoppers had been frightened away from South Shields, could it be that our Labour councillors are determined to fleece as much money as possible from them just for the pleasure of parking a car and looking at vacant premises?

When on earth are they going to get around to introducing some sort of equitable shoppers parking scheme which involves the council, shoppers, and traders to offer at least two hours free parking in South Shields town centre? I have previously described how the revenue can be retained within the town and how it would help attract shoppers back here, but no, I recall hearing Cllr. Iain Malcolm, Labour’s local commissar Leader crying for the Market Place to be made available for shoppers to park their cars on during non-market days – to raise revenue for the council of course, not to help the retailers who are going out of business at a rate of knotts (Adams, the childrens’ clothing firm in King Street is expected to go into administration this week.) Oh, and there’s also the Deputy Mayor, Cllr. John Anglin, a man supposedly blessed with the aim of keeping South Shields town centre alive, vibrant, and packed full of quality retailers. Well he’s good for offering a few platitudes as they go out of business, but not so good at talking up it’s future prospects or filling empty premises with stock that shoppers want to buy.

At the rate at which the recession is claiming businesses you would be able to pay to park your car in the Market Place next month, and enjoy a long walk past all of the empty premises before reaching Asda in Ocean Road where you will find the busiest free car park in town!

Cllr. Malcolm, stop sitting on your bloody hands over this, every busy shopping area in the North East of England offers free parking, it’s what consumers want and need, it’s what retailers need, it’s what local councils need (if they are serious about keeping businesses and trade within their boundaries.) Introduce a shoppers free parking scheme in South Shields town centre before it’s too late!

So did I find a bargain in the sales?

Yes a ÂŁ300 mountain bike (two actually) reduced to ÂŁ80 and flashing LED lights (front and back) reduced from ÂŁ30 to 15 at Halfords in Station Road, South Shields. I can get out and about and teach “Junior” about surviving on the roads with a bicycle.

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Written by curly

December 29, 2008 at 9:36 am

Some great recipes

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Too many take away shops

Way back in February I opined that some parts of South Shields (and I was referring to The Nook) had far too many take aways, and that some were becoming far too reliant upon them. At risk of creating a Vicki Pollard generation of stay at home pizza eating unhealthy overweight families in front of the plasma , I suggested that Cllr. Foreman  institute an educational programme so that his ward residents, and others, could learn to cater fro themselves. I suggested that his association with the dinner ladies of the town may work to his advantage in this quest.

Anyway Jimmy, I’ve found some excellent recipes that will get you off to a good start. They got us through two world wars and we survived very nicely!

If you fancy something a bit more up to date can I suggest you visit David Hall’s site Book the Cook, he’s from East Boldon and has some first class recipes.

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Written by curly

December 21, 2008 at 10:56 am

The Nativity

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Congratulations everyone!

Apologies for being away most of the day, to be honest I’m feeling pretty much wrecked and was in two minds whether or not to come to the keyboard at all today. One of the downsides of this latest heart attack is the amount of “gentle” walking that I need to do, trouble is I don’t quite understand what a “gentle” walk is, I go at it at around the same rate as the Durham Light Infantry!  Today I’ve been to the school and back thrice as well as a round walk from here to King Street, and up Fowler Street and Westoe Road and back to the West Park area, whacked, whacked, and extremely whacked! The nurse warned me that I have to slow down a little.

This morning took me to “Missy’s” school in South Shields for the annual Christmas “performance” and surprise, surprise, I was very surprised! In previous years they have wasted money on scripts and play writes for performances that try to give a warm message of sorts without mentioning the names Jesus, Joseph, or Mary (they have minority interests that ought not to be offended.) This year we were treated to a full on copyright free traditional Nativity play with children acting out the narrative that we are familiar with from The Bible. I was most impressed and the children appeared to enjoy it enormously.

The school should be congratulated for a number of reasons (a) they gave the traditional Christmas message (b) they were not afraid to express a Christian theme, (c) it helped to improve the knowledge and understanding of non-Christians, in the same manner as other religious beliefs are taught to our children, (d) it cost next to nothing, they had no fees to pay to some clever artist who owns the copyright to a child’s play involving chickens, eggs, gifts, and Travelodges.

The performance was good, the advertising was good, it was trailed as a Christmas Nativity play,  the musical accompaniment was also good and the parents enjoyed it. Well done everybody!

Of course there are those who still believe that we should not be engrossing ourselves in so much Christianity at this most significant time of year, there are some who think that we should be talking in more relevant terms to our children, to those who still find it difficult to understand the Christian theme of Christmas with it’s message of new birth, giving, and the marking of the birth of Christ. For those who prefer the alternative relativism of modern Britain, Old Holborn has the theme for you.

Click on the picture to go there.

Chav nativity

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Written by curly

December 10, 2008 at 9:21 pm

Mr. Motivator returns

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Mr. Motivator Blair

Well you know South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband was right all along when he said:

“People will be saying ‘wouldn’t it be great to have that Blair back because we can’t stand that Gordon Brown'”

on BBC’s Question Time.

Oops!….wrong story

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Written by curly

December 5, 2008 at 10:07 am