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The only news of the week (so far)

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Hot potato not wired weird edition.

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Written by curly

September 30, 2011 at 1:06 am

UKIP wrong to want burqa ban

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Nigel FarageThere many other ways of getting out of a “single issue”

So UKIP wants to ban the wearing of burqas, niqabs, and/or hijabs in Britain. Is this their answer to getting away from being a single issue party identified strongly with their anti EU stand? Just which sections of society are they appealing to as we approach the next general election?

At times I feel a little sorry for Nigel Farage, a man with loquacious skills, wheeled out to perform and defend the policies decided by heaven knows whom, simply because nobody has ever heard of Lord Pearson of Ranoch.

“If I wanted to go into a bank wearing a motorcycle helmet, I couldn’t. And it’s not acceptable to wear a balaclava on the Tube or bus systems. Most large shopping centres even forbid hoodies because these tops disguise the wearer. The muslim veils are no different in having that effect but UKIP believes that security issues aside, they are also a symbol of a divided Britain.

“They are part of a cultural, not religious, garment. There is no requirement in the Koran to wear a veil, only to dress modestly. UKIP believes that the wearers are prevented from full assimilation into our way of life because of the feelings of unease they give rise to in the rest of the population.”

What a pile of crass nonsense to refer to Muslim veils in one sentence then say they are not a religious garment in the next! Farage is clearly in a right old pickle on this issue, he didn’t do himself any favours at all in this interview on the Daily Politics Show, he talks of ghettos, and of the state having no place in telling us what to wear, he clearly had no data or figures to back up UKIP’s claims of growing numbers of burqa wearers, and all the while representing a party known for it’s dislike of regulation!

I have no numbers available for South Shields but I suspect that no more than a few handfuls of women wear the full veil in this town, I have never felt threatened by them, I don’t consider my security to be at risk, nor do I see them as “dividing society” as Nigel asserts.

For the sake of doubt Nigel, the state has NO PLACE whatsoever in telling people how to dress, this policy is the most illiberal edict that UKIP could possibly have invented for itself, it will further an opinion that says you are looking to mop up votes on the very far right of British politics and makes you edge so closely towards racism. It is probably the most crass policy that UKIP has formulated as it tries to re-enter mainstream politics after last year’s Euro Elections.

As far as I am aware, the wearing of burqas, niqabs, or hijabs in this country should be, and should remain, for women, purely a matter of choice, the state has no more right to interfere in that choice than it has in telling all men over the age of 18 to wear dayglow green woolly hats in public! I won’t have the state telling me what I should or should not wear Mr. Farage, I want the freedom and liberty to make my own choices, I don’t want a government that behaves like some bunch of jackbooted tailors dressed as generals pinning blue stars on some and yellow triangles on others.

UKIP appears to be backing something which is inherently against the British way of life and customs, this policy is symbolic of UKIP, not symbolic of a divided Britain.

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Written by curly

January 19, 2010 at 10:45 am

Welcome to the Stasi State

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Internet Eyes to create nation of snoopers and bounty hunters

This makes me want to vomit, a cynical manipulation of the millions of CCTV cameras in Britain’s Surveillance State and a company clearly intent upon making more money by getting camera owners to buy into their scheme. The premise is that you sign up and register for free and are assigned a number of CCTV cameras to watch, you won’t know where the cameras are located, and if you spot a real life crime being committed you a stand a chance of winning hard cash!

Some flaws in the whole thing (as you’d expect): those who monitor the camera will report directly to the camera owners rather than directly to the police (who don’t offer prize money), and by creating a points based league table users will start to become tied to their PCs or laptops and will no longer be keeping an eye on their own neighbourhoods. The system will become another tool which will drive a wedge between the police and the public, breaking the link of trust that needs to exist between the two and undermioning community policing, this time by alienating “users” from the rest of society and turning them into zombie bounty hunters interested only in the possibility of winning £1000 per month.

The whole thing is being promoted like some sort of game, we just don’t know how many companies have bought into the nightmare surveillance scheme that turns citizens into agents of the stasi!

As I read in The Spectator this is a depressing commentary on the state of modern Britain and changing the culture that leads to this sort of ghastliness is every bit as important as fixing the country’s finances. Perhaps more so, in fact.

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Written by curly

October 6, 2009 at 8:47 pm

It is not a joke….honestly

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t-shirtThe Popular Front Against Fascism

Via Mr. Eugenides and Harry’s Place

Socialist Unity are having a laugh aren’t they? Just read through the comment threads, the whole thing is laughable and risible on so many levels, from the capitalist entrepreneurs selling t-shirts at £15.999 (with £5 off), to the defeat of fascism (haven’t we got some British fascist MEPs now?), then there is the title of the site.

War is something never to celebrate they say, but they then try and get you to buy a t-shirt that celebrates fighter planes and bombers, what a whacky mix up this one is!

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Written by curly

September 6, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Bernie’s “Back to the Future” team “gets things done”

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Bernie Ecclestone

Team Bernie wins Berlin GP 1937

Having successfully created Formula 1’s first “back to the future” open wheeled racer, Bernie Ecclestone entered a team into the Berlin Grand Prix in 1937 and promptly showed Hitler how to “get things done” by beating the streamlined Mercedes Benz W125 “silver arrows”. Team Bernie entered four cars (to match the Germans) driven by Scot David Coulthard, Finn Mikka Haakinen, Brazilian Ruebens Barrichello, and German Michael Schumacher, and after taking  four of the first six places the team supremo stated:

“I’m delighted, that showed that we know how to get things done, and it’s great to have a little dictator at the helm of the team, so that my direct decisions can have ultimate influence on the sport”.

Race winner Schumacher said:

“Bernie, I can see my house from here”

German Script Association writer Gunther Pencilhoffen remarked:

“This team arrived from some place in the future, there is no doubt that the cars are good but let’s be honest these guys are all a bit barmy, just look at the suits they are wearing. Anyway, so far as we are able to learn, anyone who has tried to donate his fortune away to Britain’s Labour Party of the future, with it’s war  mongering leader Blair, has to be as nutty as a fruitcake.”

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Written by curly

July 4, 2009 at 12:13 pm

A few quid for your troubles

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Taxpayer to shell out compensation to  victims of “the troubles”

I’m rather in agreement with my Greek friend on this troubled matter.

Despite the fact that thousands of innocent victims have been able to claim compensation through other schemes, I find it all rather ludicrous and troublesome that I should have to pay some sort of compensation to the families of the murderous torturing knuckle dragging thugs who thought they could rule the place when they were representing the IRA, the Provos, the UDF, the UVF, or whatever other paramilitary group they may have favoured. They were responsible for dragging out a conflict and causing hurt and misery to thousands.

The fact that compensation may be deemed suitable is a symbolic gesture which suggests that we on mainland Great Britain were primarily responsible, along with Eire, it would suggest that the paramilitaries were just as much innocent victims as their… err…. innocent victims. It’s a rewrite of history by the looks of it.

If they’ve got £600m to throw about then why don’t they sink it into regenerating the province’s economy?

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Written by curly

January 24, 2009 at 12:50 pm

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New leaving policy?

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Ed Stourton and Jonathan Ross

Stourton treated worse than Ross

Do the BBC have a new policy for getting rid of the brains yet keeping the brawn?

Genial and intellectual journalist Ed Stourton has been sacked from Radio 4’s Today programme while the multi-million pound contracted non-comical comic Jonathan Ross was merely suspended following his grossly offensive and crass remarks about Andrew Sachs’ granddaughter.

What is worse is that Ed’s manager didn’t even have the decency to contact him first to explain the sacking.

Just another small reason why “Pravda” isn’t worth the licence fee.

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Written by curly

December 14, 2008 at 1:09 pm

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