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How to encourage growth

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Better cuts and more Keynesian spending programmes says Iain Malcolm

Following this post I posed the following questions to a number of our South Tyneside politicians of ALL parties, including the new “South Tyneside First” group of councillors, I also asked for opinions from some of our local businessmen and nationally recognised prominent bloggers and commentators:

If you were in a position to be advising the Chancellor and the Prime Minister, what would you be telling them about efforts to achieve deficit reduction and balance the budget?

How would you advise them to promote growth in the British economy to increase Treasury revenues?

What steps would you advise taking to help our local authority in South Tyneside promote the right conditions for job creation and improve consumer demand locally?

Sadly, some haven’t even bothered to engage or contribute to the discussion, one decided he could only contribute if I gave him space to openly criticise officers of South Tyneside Council (which was not within the remit of the discussion because officers do not decide upon policies), another said he would contribute but failed to do so. The ONLY local politician who took the time to send some carefully considered comments was Labour’s leader in South Tyneside Cllr. Iain Malcolm, who told me this:

The deficit, caused by the greed of the bankers not the last Labour Government’s spending on infrastructure,  needs to be reduced. However the Tory-led Government are using the deficit as an excuse for making deeply ideological cuts in public expenditure. The Government should be clawing back the unpaid tax by multi-national corporations and taking a leaf out of local government for ways of streamlining their civil service budgets. The Prime Minister has admitted that Councils are the most efficient part of the public sector, so send in the Local Government Association to review Whitehall expenditure with a aim to making drastic savings in their budgets.

But we also need growth in the economy and that means Government spending on economic infrastructure projects, I would rather pay people to work and receive their taxes than pay them for being unemployed. The Chancellor himself is starting to realise his austerity plans are not working and the deficit will need to be reduced over a longer period of time.

The greed of the banks nearly led to a total collapse of the economic system, if Gordon Brown had not stepped in (where other world leaders failed to lead) and reassured the public that their savings, pensions and homes were safe, we would have been in a far grave state than we are today. There would have been public panic (as witnessed over Northern  Rock) on an unprecedented scale with possible social disorder.  Whatever else one feels about our former Prime Minister remember it was his bold leadership that prevented a complete melt-down.

Finally, there needs to be greater regulation of the banking system – the light touch of the former Government (supported by the Conservatives at the time) clearly didn’t work.

It’s a fairly straight down the middle “follow the party line” sort of statement, but it does not show any real vision or initiatives to help the local economy in South Tyneside return to growth. there is no commitment. for example, to retain zero growth in Council Tax rises which would help maintain the little spending power that consumers have right now, and spending power is what lights the blue touch paper of economic growth.

However I’m very grateful and thank him for his participation.

In the table below are the combined thoughts and initiatives of the independents, Conservatives, UKIP, bloggers, and business people.

South Tyneside Opposition ideas for growth

Not very encouraging is it?

Perhaps this is one part of the explanation as to why we have such a heavily Labour dominated council here.

Update 1

This is from UKIP Cllr. David Potts

It never fails to amaze me that Labour politicians have the sheer nerve to blame the financial sector for the global economic situation. Coun Malcolm states that the crisis has been “caused by the greed of the bankers”. This is a pathetic throw-away comment backed up with zero evidence, and Coun Malcolm is intelligent enough to know this. Gordon Brown sold UK Gold reserves in the $200-300/oz range. Today, it is trading at $1600/oz. The Labour Government spent money like a drunken sailor, and the mantra that they “didn’t fix the roof while the sun was shining” could not be more accurate.

It really annoys me when governments blame the financial sector for operating within the regulatory boundaries that THEY create in the first place.

However, we must move away from national and global issues and focus upon what matters to us as councillors; South Tyneside. The highly respected think tank, IPPR North has warned that the South Tyneside jobless rate is set to skyrocket, particularly among our young people. It is deeply concerning that Coun Malcolm and his £170’000PA Chief Exec, Martin Swales publically comment that it is nothing to do with them and it is ‘all the evil Tory Government’s fault’. That is nonsense. II speak to local business people regularly. I know one energy broker who offered to save the council hundreds of thousands of pounds by switching their suppliers. His exact words were “I tried, but it was pointless, it’s a closed shop”. There is an active movement among the business community in South Tyneside to push ahead an agenda of progress and growth through directly influencing Council policy via peaceful protest and diplomatic pressure.

Now would councillor Malcolm like to tell us how many local firms are involved in the building of our new swimming pool complex? Would he also like to explain why suppliers of materials to South Tyneside Homes were based hundreds of miles away down South?

Look after the people of your Borough first.

Coun Malcolm and Mr Swales take people for fools and playing on this nonsense assertion that they are socialists. If they are socialists, I’m a Dutchman.

Update 2

This from George Smith, President of South Shields Conservative Association.

I asked our Campaign Director (Dorothy) for a brief, but they “don’t do Blogs”.
Sorry about this, according to the Levenson inquiry they do Twitter, a bit too much for me.

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So what did the porn star say?

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Cllr. Potts’ “personal friend” Mercedes Ashley didn’t seem very aware of who he is!

I was intrigued and curious, after all how many of our South Tyneside councillors count porn stars amongst their “personal friends?

From The Shields Gazette

“I have not encouraged former porn stars to contact my ward colleagues.

“I asked a personal friend, who is a former adult entertainment professional, to e-mail Coun Jeff Milburn congratulating him on his victory.

“I do not in any way judge people by what they do for a living.”

I thought it worthwhile having a little discussion of my own with Cllr. Potts “friend”,  it took a while to track down an email address, but here is the exchange:

Whats his twitter handle?

Mercedes Ashley
(your adult film star & friend)


FYI: All emails are answered by Mercedes Ashley personally. I am my own webmaster.
I am the designer of my own site and I maintain it all myself.

-----Original Message-----
From: Curly <>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 09:57:48 
To: <>
Subject: David Potts

May I ask how well do you know UK/US foreign exchange dealer and UKIP 
politician David Potts?
He claims you are a personal friend
Have you met him?
Have you spoke with him?
Have you had any contact with him other than via Twitter as one of your 

Doesn’t look as though she knows him that well at all, cannot even think of his name on Twitter! Neither does it appear that Mercedes is a former porn star, her websites give the appearance of giving very current services and activities.

You have to feel a bit sorry for Conservative councillor Jeff Milburn getting his name dragged into this nonsense, I wonder if he actually received any congratulations from the American Adult Entertainment industry?

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Written by curly

May 21, 2012 at 4:25 pm

A statement from Cllr. David Potts – Bunga Bunga?

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UKIP Cleadon and East Village councillor invited constituent to “social gatherings”

I have today been contacted by the Gazette asking if I invited a constituent to a “bunga bunga” party.

Whilst I admit that I did do so, I was entirely unaware of the potentially negative connotations the phrase may hold. It is a term used regularly in my company to refer to casual social gatherings. Not sex parties as has been alleged.

I will not use the term again as clearly some misunderstand its meaning.

David Potts
For further detail on the conversation thread please see Cllr. Potts Twitter stream

I’m so out of touch I thought it was a ship!

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Written by curly

May 17, 2012 at 9:17 am

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Post election movements and rumours

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South Tyneside to get new opposition grouping?

Hearing some rumours this evening that a tentative deal may have been discussed between Independent Alliance Cllr. Jane Branley, Conservative Cllr. Jeff Milburn, and UKIP Cllr. David Potts to form a new opposition grouping on South Tyneside Council following Labours massive victory last Thursday. Possibly more news to follow after I try to seek confirmation tomorrow.

This could end up as the pottiest post I’ve ever penned, time will tell.

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Written by curly

May 7, 2012 at 9:16 pm

Nigel Farage – Eurosceptic Rave

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Let’s make this viral

I came across this via one of the UKIP leader’s tweets, and well goodness me he’s a dance track!

The track is called Star Circle 2 by Johnny Slide you can download it from here and perhaps embed it in your own site, spread it around – at least in South Tyneside! Please be generous and leave a link to the original artist.

See, told you I had some sympathy with UKIP!

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Written by curly

November 28, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Another week dominated by Euro debt crisis

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What gives them the right?

Apologies for the lack of posts during this past week, it’s been a busy time at work and domestic disaster has struck too, not much has been going on in South Tyneside other than the production of posters invoking us to vote for Little Mix on ITV’s X Factor, however it has been another week dominated by the Eurozone debt crisis. Having seen Papandreou and Berlusconi removed from their premierships and replaced by Eurotechnocrats without so much as a referendum or a general election it is worrying to witness that the combined might of Germany and France appears to have negated the very principles of democracy and freedom that the Common Market was originally envisaged to protect. The Commission and the Council have already set their faces against the holding of referenda and have warned that any member state which fancies leaving the Eurozone would of necessity have to leave the EU too, it must have struck the Greek population as astonishing when Merkel and Sarkozy summoned Papandreou to a meeting to explain his idea of allowing the Greek people a say in the matter! Hence we now see  governments headed by a former ECB banker and a former Commissioner. Similarly the Irish people must be feeling rather shocked that their latest budget proposals were forwarded to all member states before ending up in front of the German Bundestag!

Just what is it about these EU empire builders that makes them feel they can stamp their authority  over people in a manner almost as heinous as some Arab states? I tend to agree with Gavin Hewitt, the questions need to be asked:

Perhaps the clearest definition of democracy was contained in the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

In Europe “the consent of the governed” is in danger of going missing. When George Papandreou suggested putting the EU bailout to a referendum in Greece, France’s President Sarkozy, in a conversation with President Obama, had the Greek leader down as a madman, suffering from depression.

At the heart of the European project lies a suspicion of the people. It is often said that the European Union has been built in spite of the people, and not with the people. Those who argue the people’s case are dismissed as “populists”. It is the easy Brussels put-down.

Recently when a reporter challenged the perks of the EU commissioners his question was dismissed as “populist”. To question immigration policy even at a time of shocking youth unemployment is to risk the tag “populist”.

As we move inexorably towards a common European government with an elected President, we have to wonder just how much involvement will be granted to we “the people” in these processes. We also need to question just why our own political leaders in the UK are signed up to this club, and I refer equally to Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband. One has the distinct feeling that the Frankfurt Group, and possibly even the Bildergurg Group have already set out the agenda which our leaders are assigned to blindly follow. Oh for a party leader who has the “bottle” to call not for the renegotiating of certain powers from the EU, but the withdrawal of British membership, I realise that 50% of our exports go to the EU area, yet I cannot envisage that changing dramatically if we were no longer part of the club.

I am staunchly Eurosceptic, I no longer believe that the Common Market or EEC that we originally joined exists any longer, I have a great deal of sympathy with UKIP on this one issue, unfortunately they are popularly seen as a single issue party, whether or not they have any relevance to local politics in South Tyneside remains to be seen – for now we must await the first uttering of David Potts.

Better off out!

May I also recommend this excellent article by Dan Hannan, a true Conservative.

Please excuse me, I must now attend to my washing machine which will need either repair or replacement, the smoke emanating from its innards is smelling as awful as the Euro political project .

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Written by curly

November 20, 2011 at 11:10 am

Cllr. David Potts joins UKIP

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Party gains first councillor in South Tyneside

Cllr. David Potts, the former Conservative then independent representative for Cleadon Village and East Boldon ward in South Tyneside has officially joined the UK Independence Party, there now appears to be little chance at all of him resigning his seat in the near future. He becomes the first UKIP councillor in the borough, albeit he has never been elected under their umbrella flag.

29 year old Councillor Potts works as a currency trader and is a director (or Vice President) of Craigmile and Potts LLC, a company based in Iowa, USA. He lives with his girlfriend Laura and splits his time between his homes in Hertfordshire and Tyneside, where he mainly operates. On his company website he is described as a head currency trader and VP who is incredibly successful in the money markets. As of September when he was publicly welcomed to the company, the CEO had never met him, but David was described as a  “hard right, pure capitalist” believing that the market is always correct and governments should never interfere in capitalism other than to provide a “basic” regulatory structure.

His autobiographical book on the culture of alcoholism in politics and finance, “Bitter… Who me?”, is due to be published early next year.

Only last month David Potts warned:

I do not believe a word that comes out of a politician, bureaucrat or rating agency’s mouth, AND NOR SHOULD YOU.

We shall take heed of the “pin-striped pioneer“.

David Potts was pictured yesterday outside of South Shields Town Hall with UKIP’s  North East regional organiser Gordon Parkin, (it was alleged in the past that party officials had been funded by the EU in a Sunday Times investigation)

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Written by curly

November 11, 2011 at 1:52 pm

UKIP wrong to want burqa ban

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Nigel FarageThere many other ways of getting out of a “single issue”

So UKIP wants to ban the wearing of burqas, niqabs, and/or hijabs in Britain. Is this their answer to getting away from being a single issue party identified strongly with their anti EU stand? Just which sections of society are they appealing to as we approach the next general election?

At times I feel a little sorry for Nigel Farage, a man with loquacious skills, wheeled out to perform and defend the policies decided by heaven knows whom, simply because nobody has ever heard of Lord Pearson of Ranoch.

“If I wanted to go into a bank wearing a motorcycle helmet, I couldn’t. And it’s not acceptable to wear a balaclava on the Tube or bus systems. Most large shopping centres even forbid hoodies because these tops disguise the wearer. The muslim veils are no different in having that effect but UKIP believes that security issues aside, they are also a symbol of a divided Britain.

“They are part of a cultural, not religious, garment. There is no requirement in the Koran to wear a veil, only to dress modestly. UKIP believes that the wearers are prevented from full assimilation into our way of life because of the feelings of unease they give rise to in the rest of the population.”

What a pile of crass nonsense to refer to Muslim veils in one sentence then say they are not a religious garment in the next! Farage is clearly in a right old pickle on this issue, he didn’t do himself any favours at all in this interview on the Daily Politics Show, he talks of ghettos, and of the state having no place in telling us what to wear, he clearly had no data or figures to back up UKIP’s claims of growing numbers of burqa wearers, and all the while representing a party known for it’s dislike of regulation!

I have no numbers available for South Shields but I suspect that no more than a few handfuls of women wear the full veil in this town, I have never felt threatened by them, I don’t consider my security to be at risk, nor do I see them as “dividing society” as Nigel asserts.

For the sake of doubt Nigel, the state has NO PLACE whatsoever in telling people how to dress, this policy is the most illiberal edict that UKIP could possibly have invented for itself, it will further an opinion that says you are looking to mop up votes on the very far right of British politics and makes you edge so closely towards racism. It is probably the most crass policy that UKIP has formulated as it tries to re-enter mainstream politics after last year’s Euro Elections.

As far as I am aware, the wearing of burqas, niqabs, or hijabs in this country should be, and should remain, for women, purely a matter of choice, the state has no more right to interfere in that choice than it has in telling all men over the age of 18 to wear dayglow green woolly hats in public! I won’t have the state telling me what I should or should not wear Mr. Farage, I want the freedom and liberty to make my own choices, I don’t want a government that behaves like some bunch of jackbooted tailors dressed as generals pinning blue stars on some and yellow triangles on others.

UKIP appears to be backing something which is inherently against the British way of life and customs, this policy is symbolic of UKIP, not symbolic of a divided Britain.

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Written by curly

January 19, 2010 at 10:45 am

A question of trust

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david cameronCameron’s “new” EU policy under scrutiny

We were given a “cast iron guarantee” of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if it had not been ratified before a Conservative government came to power, but if it was then David Cameron and William Hague said “we will not let matters rest”, of course it was this latter statement which left us asking more questions, and the answers to those questions were given yesterday.

Those answers amount to very little indeed other than “hope”. Hope that the EU sceptics will stay quiet until well after the next general election, hope that the onward march of EU federalism will not be at too quick of a pace and hope that he can keep at least Conservative MEPs on board without any more electoral gains for UKIP. The three fundamental changes that he wishes to see again amount to little more than hopes, reforms for Britain in the shape of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, protecting our own criminal justice system from EU courts, and control over our own social and employment legislation, rely overly much on imagination rather than reality. Lisbon is a self amending treaty that allows the EU to evolve without recourse to national Parliaments, yet he wants to limit further encroachments of national sovereignty by the EU?

The whole sorry mess is already under intense scrutiny this morning although Tim Montgomery at Conservative Home has called a temporary truce and put the EU question on the back burner in an attempt to concentrate efforts on turning out Brown’s government:

Disappointed as I am, I’m going to take a vow of silence on Europe for the next few weeks. Getting rid of Labour and implementing all those other worthwhile policies must now take absolute precedence.

Over 200 respondents show a variety of dissent in different shades.

At The Telegraph Benedict Brogan talks lugubriously about trust and gives a long peroration about how it has been damaged by politicians over the course of the last year, and ends his sorry missive by saying:

Mr Cameron took a difficult but necessary step to restore our trust not in politics but politicians, by promising no more than he can deliver. To have gone further – including any sort of promise of a post-election referendum to strengthen his hand in negotiations with Europe – would have invited ridicule. Instead, we had a thought-through, realistic scheme for stopping the drift to ever greater European integration.

I wish I could agree, but the drift is already in free flow Benedict, and I don’t think that a bunch of meagre hopes that do not look like “we will not let matters rest” means the restoration of trust is complete, not by a long chalk. By the looks of the comments neither do your readers! I am not the only one to be wholly unimpressed by this woolly fantasy of trust being repaired after seeing the long yearned for referendum kicked into the long grass, – nay kicked, stamped upon, suffocated, and buried in a very deep hole. Richard at EU Referendum is calling you a “village idiot” and he’s not too complimentary about “call me Dave” either. South East Conservative MEP Dan Hannan is similarly disquieted by yesterday’s statement from David Cameron, judging by his blog he has resigned his position as the Tory’s legal spokesman in the EU Parliament and returned to the back benches:

Don’t misunderstand me: I voted for David Cameron as leader, I like him, and I reckon he’d be a million times better than Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. One of his strengths is that, unlike Gordon Brown, he doesn’t mind people disagreeing with him. Well, then. This Conservative is for a referendum: a proper, deep-cleansing referendum that will settle whether our country remains subordinate, or becomes self-governing. Now who will stand on either hand and keep the bridge with me?

I like a man with principles, and I like a man who is prepared to stand by his principles, but I wonder if Hannan would react the same way if he’d been Leader of his group?

The Daily Mail is scathing of this “new policy” this morning calling it “a sorry day for democracy, Britain, and the Tories” they also manage to point the way to the elephant in the room where others have failed to do so:

And of course the worst aspect of Lisbon is that it obviates the need for future treaties, since it gives the EU authority to change its own constitution. Moreover, what good can it do to pass legislation asserting the supremacy of British laws, when we’ve already signed that supremacy away?

So there we have it, the Lisbon Treaty is signed sealed and delivered, the onward march of the EU continues unabated, it will continue to intrude more and more into the daily lives of people in South Tyneside and the governments that we elect in future will become little more than a branch office of a greater corporate body able to organise their own staff parties and outings but unable to change much without the agreement of 26 other nation states.

If David Cameron and William Hague have decided to “hope” upon minor improvements to a structure which includes people calling us “autistic” and willing to be “fighting it out on climate, on trade, on every Goddamn issue on the surface of the Earth” then we must hope that one day Britain’s leaders find the strength and courage to assert themselves and stand up for our individuality, our sovereignty, our ability to cut our own path, make our own laws, and not be participating in a utopian dream to rival the size and power of the USA with a federal government to match it.

Brogan was right to show that trust between the British public and it’s politicians has been damaged over the past year, but so wrong to suggest that on this issue it has in some way been repaired.

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November 5, 2009 at 11:11 am

Has EU interfered with Irish referendum?

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NO campaigners threaten legal challenge

Campaigners for a “No” vote have threatened a legal challenge after 1.1 million copies of the European Union booklet were distributed, at a cost to the taxpayer of £139,000.

Of course it should not come as a great surprise that the EU Commission has frittered away £139,000 on this “information booklet” to help the Irish come to the right decision, the Commission President José Manuel Barroso has beavered away ensuring that the Irish go to the polls once more in an attempt to cajole them into correcting their earlier “mistake”. It really is quite alarming that after France and Denmark firmly rejected the original proposals for a  new EU Constitution that Barroso and his federalist allies should rebrand the whole thing and have another go at it, then when the Irish scupper the party by voting NO at a referendum they are bullied and pushed into repeating the whole exercise over again. The Lisbon Treaty needs to be ratified by all member states and it seems to me that the Commission will not be happy until it finally has it’s way, regardless of the democratic will of the people in it’s member states.

The great worry now, once we get Gordon Brown’s speech out of the way today, is that next week in Manchester the Conservatives have stage managed their conference agenda to ensure that the elephant in the room is neither seen nor heard, the Lisbon Treaty and Labour’s failure to uphold it’s promise of a referendum will not get a mention. Officially the Tory policy is “wait and see”, if it isn’t ratified by the time of the next election they promise to give us a referendum in the UK which the EU Commission will throw more of our money at , they are hoping that the Czechs become the next hurdle and stumbling block for the Commission to get over – but what if it is ratified by then? It is something that David Cameron and the Conservative Party is too fearful to talk about, they don’t want a huge argument over the EU in advance of the general election, they need a steady ship.

UKIP’s Nigel Farrage doesn’t need those sort of worries, what he needs is a new man at the helm of the EU, and not Tony Blair I hasten to add, Farrage will be standing against Speaker John Bercow in the general election hoping to take his UKIP message into Parliament and get the EU debate going in a more lively fashion than hitherto imagined in the corridors of Westminster.

Watch this video

I’m wishing the Irish luck, if they vote NO on Friday again, you can  guarantee that the EU will find ways and means of either bypassing the Irish or forcing them to go to the polls a third time.

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Written by curly

September 29, 2009 at 9:43 am