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I’m getting heartily sick of this Twit(ter)

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Public officials need some sort of protection from this behaviour!

When will Cllr. Khan and his South Tyneside Independent Alliance colleagues learn that this sort of behaviour is simply not acceptable!

They have had a penchant over the years for attacking public officials and now seem to think it is quite OK to link them to the Labour Party.

Well it is simply not OK!

The Chief Executive of South Tyneside District Council deserves a little more respect than this. This “tweet” is an abuse of the man and of his position, let me be quite clear (particularly as I am noted for not being the world’s biggest supporter of the Labour Party) that the position of Chief Executive, or an other Executive Director at the council, or even a lower ranking manager or official should always be regarded as apolitical, neutral, and out of the reach of party politics. They are public servants paid by us to administer the policies of the party that was democratically elected by the people of South Tyneside. I may not like Labour’s policies but fully accept that they have an overwhelming popular mandate here to enact them, I also understand fully that officers of the council would have to administer the policies of any other party should they be elected in the sort of numbers that Labour enjoy. Therefore it is no use having any sort of openly held political viewpoints if you are a paid public official.

Is there no way to protect our officials from these demeaning, denigrating, presumptuous and sniping tweets from this South Shields councillor? 

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Written by curly

July 28, 2011 at 12:31 pm