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labour poster Labour’s poster aims at their own left foot?

Another good thing about having my feed reader working again is that I’ve seen this Labour poster being discussed all over the place. Once more they are attempting to draw dividing lines, and where the Tories don’t have a policy then Gordon Brown will happily invent one for them, just so he can spend his time cynically attacking said made up policy.

It’s almost laughable, anyway over at Shane Greer’s august and  excellent blog, he discusses the negativity of the government’s present campaign strategies:

If any more evidence were needed that Labour are determined to mount an utterly negative election campaign drive by fear, in which truth is sacrificed at the alter of perceived political expediency then one need look no further than their new poster campaign (see picture).

Really!? David Cameron wants to scrap my right to see a cancer specialist within two weeks!? And what’s that you say… the Tories want to put old people onto the street and sell Britain’s children on a completely unregulated free market so that bankers can enjoy massive bonuses!? That’s awful!

Shane then dissects some of the more basic errors in Labour’s arguments about Conservative plans for removing some process targets in the NHS, a health system which, as we all know, David Cameron reveres and has so much time for, Labour forgets the trials and pain that the Cameron family went through in the short life of their son Oliver! On a personal level I have spent many months as a guest in South Shields District Hospital (Harton General) over the years, and the old Ingham Infirmary when I was a teenager, and at least one leading Tory in South Shields spent many years working in the NHS.

Instead of process targets which skew clinical priorities, the Conservative Party would place the emphasis on results. Because, at the end of the day, results are the only thing that matter.  And given the choice between a ‘right’ to be seen within two weeks with no consideration given to the eventual outcome, and an NHS which is laser focused only on achieving the best outcome possible, I know which I would prefer.

The tragic thing is that Labour’s poster demonstrates that when it comes to the NHS, for them petty politics will always trump the patient.

Quite right Shane, they have an unshakeable belief that the NHS is theirs and theirs alone, a child of the golden renaissance period of state ownership from 1945 to 1951 and nobody else has any right to modernise, organise, reform, manage, improve, rationalise, or do anything else with it!

Anyway, how many of you can remember what the right hand side of the poster says? Thought not.

One of Shane’s comments read:

Probably worth pointing out, though, that the way the poster is designed draws your eye to the left side and causes you to ignore the right side. Also people don’t read word for word, they look at the whole and the brain guesses what it says. All of which means all voters see is DAVID CAMERON, “we are committed to the NHS”.

Looks like Labour have shot themselves in the foot again!
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Written by curly

February 11, 2010 at 2:45 pm

South Tyneside Tory wants CCTV cameras to “be fit for purpose”

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Jeff MilburnCllr. Jeff Milburn gives mixed message

We are all used to seeing CCTV cameras on our streets and in our shops.  They are a valuable tool in the fight against crime.  Council CCTV cameras have trebled in number over the past ten years. However,  the Government’s own research shows eighty per cent of CCTV footage can’t be used to prosecute criminals.  A Conservative government would ensure CCTV is fit for purpose – with appropriate safeguards and sanctions to prevent misuse.

So says Conservative Cleadon Village Cllr. Jeff Milburn, who is to represent the party in the  Jarrow constituency of  South Tyneside at the next election. I’m not sure what he is trying to tell us that the Conservative Party would actually do about the explosion of these near to useless snooping devices that councils and privateers are erecting all over our towns and cities in the UK, he acknowledges that their numbers have increased threefold over the past ten years and then claims that they are a valuable tool in the fight against crime.

Well I beg to differ Jeff, I have a near to useless CCTV looking camera overlooking the place where I park my car, kindly left by an old neighbour, it keeps some people mollified and happy, but not me. It seems to me that research and facts prove that CCTV cameras are not that useful as a tool against crime at all, certainly not in London, the crime capital of the UK, where just this year it has been proved that less than three percent of crimes are successfully solved using CCTV imagery and that in reality only about one in a thousand crimes are solved by this means. The Evening Standard had quite an enlightening article at the time. available here.

According to Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville, who heads the Metropolitan Police’s Met’s Visual Images, Identifications and Detections Office (Viido), billions of pounds have been spent with almost no results to show. Only three percent of crimes have been solved using CCTV footage, and offenders aren’t afraid of being caught on video. Det. Chief Inspector Neville, speaking to The Guardian, described the system as an “utter fiasco” and that “no thought” had gone into implementation. Other issues, beyond the lack of success standing up in court, include the tedium of police officers spending hours trawling through footage, and often a failure to contact private CCTV operators (such as cameras located on private buildings etc) to request footage.

Yet Labour politicians still believe that more snooping, more prying into family life, more early intervention, more databases, more innocent children having DNA sampled, more ID Cards, and more biometrics, are the answer to crime problem that probably isn’t quite as large as the average Daily Mail reader imagines.

It seems that Cllr. Milburn is NOT telling us that Conservatives would introduce a little more libertarian spirit to the statute book by ordering the removal of thousands of CCTV cameras and the destruction of ridiculously expensive databases that will want to record every minutiae of life from the moment of free captive birth, but more that they intend to make these things work better, improve them, or modernise them! Jeff says a Conservative government would ensure CCTV is fit for purpose, but what exactly is the purpose? Surely the purpose of CCTV is to watch, monitor, and record? Surely it would be better (and cheaper) if you or I did that and reported our findings to the police.

What the Conservative Party and others need to understand is that Neighbourhood policing is what needs to work better, we need to reverse the lack of trust between the citizen and the police, we need to go back to the days of knowing that the policeman/woman is your friend, and that the guy around the corner who mugs your granny is most certainly not! Only by rebuilding this trust will we see more and more people willing to freely give statements, and freely finger their neighbours as community spirit returns to neighbourhoods. Front line police time needs to be freed up, bureaucratic form filling needs to be radically cut away from the job, people need to see police on the streets, not behind desks. Once we become more accustomed to having a two way dialogue with our local police, we will see that the criminals will start to fear their own neighbours (instead of the other way round), because at present too many people have this naive idea that they needn’t bother getting involved – after all, they’ll have it on camera, won’t they?

And another thing, once we feel that the state isn’t prying and snooping into our lives all of the time in an effort to socially engineer our behaviour, then we will feel that much more comfortable about cooperating with the agencies of the state. Freedom and liberty can work wonders when we allowed to help look after our own property and our neighbourhoods.

As far as I am aware, nothing works better in a court than a witness, a human witness, standing up and saying “yes, it was him/her”

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Written by curly

December 29, 2009 at 11:07 pm