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When will our leaders come to our rescue?

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EU scheming to introduce direct taxation

It was only a few days ago that I was asking if there was any point in us having a Chancellor if his/her hands are tied by the bureaucrats in Brussels as they make decisions and agree them without discussion, and now I learn that the EU are cooking up a scheme to raise direct taxation which will allow itself to be funded without the interference of the governments of member states, they want to introduce a single flat rate tax on carbon.

Hervé Jouanjean, Director General of the European Commission’s Budget department, recently told a Brussels audience that the EU was “very close to paralysis” because of the reluctance of stretched national treasuries to give it funding.

“We should have a mechanism which would serve to exploit the possibility, in a progressive way, to lead to direct funding of the EU.”

If they are allowed to get away with this under the auspices of their new EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty we may as well give up on the idea of electing our own Parliament, what would be the point of holding elections for a legislature which has it’s tax raising abilities stunted, nullified, or dictated to by some faceless jobsworths in the EU? It is worth noting that although they might wish to directly raise funding via taxation there is no way that EU citizens will be able to directly remove poor performing EU Commissioners directly via the ballot box, oh no sir, the principle of no taxation without representation just doesn’t seem to apply to Brussels.

In a further example of EU madness, Lord Tebbitt the former Conservative Party Chairman asks in his Telegraph blog (gradually becoming a must read)

“When will our political leaders come to the rescue of the British people?”

He notes that all three of our major parties in Britain are Europhile whilst he asserts that the public are becoming more Eurosceptic and sets out his reasons why he believes this situation has developed. He makes the point that British security could be threatened by the refusal of the EU to allow our security services to operate a “watch list” on people suspected of terrorist activities, and also points us to another odd decision emanating from Brussels which could cause harm to Britain:

On Wednesday I heard on the BBC (so it must be true) that it looks as though Our Masters will shortly ban the use of pet passports and compulsory inoculation of dogs from the EU. That, according to the doctors and vets, will make it certain that a particularly foul parasite will infect our dogs, foxes and small wild mammals, and then humans with a potentially fatal liver parasite. That apparently is one of the benefits of membership of the EU. The extraordinary common feature of these two outrages is that whilst they will damage us, in these islands, they will bring no worthwhile benefits to other Europeans.

Tebbitt writes in that familiar acerbic style with a smattering of his dry wit, in a blog which is gathering a decent readership, and well worth a visit.

But back to the meat, the Lisbon Treaty was not good for us, we were not given an opportunity to have a referendum or direct vote on it, we were assured by Miliband and Brown that Britain’s interests would be secure and that power would not be leaking from Westminster to Brussels, yet now David Miliband, the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary sees so much power ebbing away from a job that he mused over, that he is apparently now telling Baroness Ashton how to do the job and retain the power that he wanted in it!

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Written by curly

March 5, 2010 at 10:30 am

Mandelson upsets Irish

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EU Commissioner target of opposition to treaty in Eire

The face of the European Commissioner for Trade now adorns thousands of placards and “Stop Mandelson” posters as Irish opposition to the EU treaty grows ahead of a referendum next month.

Oh, to be Irish on June 12th as they become the only European state to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. It seems odd to be lauding one of Europe’s smallest nations for having the largest heart and the greatest amount of courage in enabling and empowering it’s people, by allowing them to have a say over the Constitution enabling reform treaty that the rest of us have been forced to accept by it’s client governments. It’s unfortunate that Mandelson has become embroiled in an argument about ‘protectionism’ but at least they are willing to have that debate in Ireland.

Mandelson’s bete noir Gordon Brown did a nice body swerve to ensure that we in the UK wouldn’t even get the chance to be involved!

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Written by curly

May 12, 2008 at 9:32 am