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Mr. Monkey San Mateo court filing

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Scores of defamation allegations

This is the court document filed in the 9th District San Mateo court in California on behalf of South Tyneside plaintiffs Cllr. Iain Malcolm, Cllr. Anne Walsh, Cllr. David Potts, and Rick O’Farrell.  This was the filing used to encourage Twitter to release details including IP addresses attached to the Twitter accounts held by Cllr. Ahmed Khan and others.

Local readers in South Shields and Jarrow may find some of the language offensive as it was taken verbatim from the website under investigation.

View this document on Scribd

A tip of the hat to Brian Paget, I’ve already told him I’ll buy a T-shirt once he has them printed.

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Written by curly

June 1, 2011 at 10:50 am


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This morning the Mr. Monkeys blog posted a Monkey clip with a short post naming the alleged victim of an alleged assault in South Shields, it has since been deleted, just before Google cached the site.

Did any of you get a screen grab of it or save the page? (something I should have done.)

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Written by curly

June 21, 2009 at 1:12 pm

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Mr. Monkey needs psychiatric help

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Walter MittyHe’s a Walter Mitty type who must live in a parallel universe

There have been some funny (but not odd) goings on at the shoddy blog authored by South Tyneside’s very own Walter Mitty (aka Mr. Monkey) recently. The anonymous attack blog has gathered a reputation for wild, lurid, often inaccurate, sensational stories about the life and times of some of South Tyneside’s councillors, and sometimes when the author is in a state of “blogger’s block” he resorts to pure fiction. This fiction extends not only to the myriad personalities and names used in the comments, when short of activity he just creates some of his own, and if and when genuine people come along to comment they find that comment moderation is a permanent feature, sometimes their comments will appear, sometimes not, and then there are those who find that their comments have been “modified” or “edited” to suit the Monkey’s own viewpoint, in other words don’t bother commenting if you wish to demean, criticise, or argue with the Monkey. He even edits the time stamps for comments to adjust the position that they appear in the queue, just what makes this man behave in such a Walter Mitty fashion?

In my mind I have no doubt who Mr. Monkey is, he has a characteristic style which runs like a black thread through a number of previous blogs which have appeared and disappeared over the past couple of years around here, and his spelling is attrocious, much worse then mine in fact. However, the state of his mind which dictates his propensity to reserve his attacks for certain individuals causes me much concern, when having a laugh turns into poisonous personal venom things can get pretty scary, even more so when there is no factual basis for the attacks and the schizophrenic fictions take over. I sometimes wonder if hears “voices” telling him what to type?

His latest post is a perfect illustration of his maniacal zeal and his imagined realisation that the Leader of South Tyneside Council, Iain Malcolm is making comments on his blog. Nothing could be further from the truth, as I have an email from the commenter using the name J. Adamson to prove such, the email is ‘spiced’ with expletives:

Dear Curly

I have just posted this comment on Mr. Monkey’s blog and I thought that you should let people know what a dangerous deluded idiot he is, I don’t expect to see it published but he has put my position and my job in jeopardy, anyway the damage is done now. I used to access his blog via a proxy server to get around the council ban but now he thinks I’m Iain Malcolm, he doesn’t understand how much trouble he has caused for me with his stupid comments.

I have been told that he is not a councillor, or an officer, or even a council employee, he’s just a chef working in one of his brother’s pubs in South Shields, he gets his information from a bunch of idiotic councillors who also seem to live in a fantasy land.

This is what I posted on his blog today:

You deluded idiot, I AM NOT Iain Malcolm and I AM NOT a councillor just an employee of STC, now you’ve disclosed my email address and risked my job you stupid ignorant fucking twat!
Pull your head out of your arse and start thinking of a way to defend me at the investigatory interview.

I won’t be back leaving comments here, brainless arsehole.

In the past, Mr. Monkey has even convinced himself that Mad Marvin and Jarrow Pete were both actually me, however he has banned me from making any comments at all on his site and I guess he filters my name, email address and IP address so I now just sit back and watch. I can guarantee that Mad Marvin and Jarrow Pete are genuine people as is my email correspondent, they have all posted here in the past along with Iain Malcolm.

Mr. Monkey is blurring real life and fiction, he cannot decided when, how, why, or what sort of fantasies to write about these days, have his sources dried up or something? He seems to have let his multiple commenting personalities take over the main content now, unless he gets a grip, the men in white coats will be coming to take him away ha, ha, to the funny farm. He needs some serious psychiatric help now!

Mr. Monkey’s actions have now put the job of a council employee in danger simply because of the stupid and manic fixation that he has with one or two councillors. Like the Independent Alliance (who he fervantly supports) his life and blog revolves around attacking personalities (sometimes in the most libellous manner) not policies, and he is pathetically poor in coming up with ideas, suggestions, or actions that might improve life for the people of South Tyneside. For those intent on pursuing the Monkey with any legal claims may I suggest that you download the whole of his site and save it regularly, this discredited Walter Mitty blogger could be pulling the plug soon – once again.

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Written by curly

June 4, 2009 at 9:16 am

Whatever happened to attribution?

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Curly’s pictures plagiarised again!

Not that I enjoy bringing attention to Mr. Monkey, but once again his hypocrisy and brass neck appear to know no bounds at all. Having earlier repeated comments in this post and advised me on the subject matter of my photographs (not that I will be heeding his advice) he then turns this way to illustrate one of his posts with the work of the man who only days ago he villified. His intimation that I have an unhealthy interest in photographing children is as unwelcome and as unfounded as the smears and slurs hurled at Tory party politicians and their wives planned by Labour Party operatives. The Prime Minister has been compelled to apologise and accept total responsibility for the behaviour of his supporters, I am still waiting for the leadership of the South Tyneside Independent Alliance to do likewise.

However, back to this latest nonsense, Mr. Monkey once more displays his fascination for this blog by returning for more ammunition to pad out his news vacuum, it’s a shame when he has to resort to factually researched information rather than gossip, sexual innuendo, and sheer lies, worse still he comes into this shop to steal a photograph (of two adults, if you care) . Like a thief in the night he comes in and takes away your intellectual property without so much as a by your leave, then sticks it in his own shop window without asking for any permission whatsoever, or without showing any attribution. In the blogosphere this is a clear display of a lack of common courtesy, but he has previous.

(Wandering Chopsticks is a food blog, but illustrates best practice and how to link, attribute, and give credit for someone else’s work)

If the Monkey had anything worth stealing, I wonder how he’d feel if someone came along and plagiarised his content without asking, perhaps setting up a Splog (spam blog) with it, perhaps I should just take his work boots and let him wander about in his bare feet? If I use someone else’s crafted and created work then I give credit for it, I have in the past used a few images from Beau Bo D’or but have always given due credit and attribution for it, however the vast majority of images in here are either my own or are just links to the Google thumbnail cache (which leeched them from the owners without asking anyway). What makes Mr. Monkey think he can get away with intellectual theft? Is it the paucity of intellect within his own cranium, or did mummy ape just fail to teach him any manners?

Councillor Ahmed Khan, the South Tyneside Independent Alliance deputy leader will understand exactly how I feel, I once used some of his images (without asking) to make a joking reference to a town hall protest involving surgical masks, I ended up having to hold my hands apologetically.

I cannot make this point at the Monkey’s place, I am persona non gratis, banned, banished from his jungle fiefdom, expelled, silenced even, so the point has to made here at the risk of boring everyone else. I’ve raised the issue with him before, but there seems to be too much cloth in the ears – perhaps it’s time to get to the fancy dress shop for a new monkey suit ape man.

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Written by curly

April 17, 2009 at 6:14 pm

This week’s Monkey Clip

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Casual entertainment for the sexually insecure

I had no idea that the other “premier blogger” in South Tyneside, (you know, the one who has as much influence as a bible basher in a brothel) had fans in Russia. I was wrong, utterly wrong.

Mr. Monkey even has a pop song performed in his honour.

Hello Mr. Monkey, you should have been a clown!


The Monkey has bitten, once again, taken the bait, hook, line, and sinker!

Mrs. Curly would like it to be known that she appreciates the sense of humour, it helps to lighten her load, ha, ha!

She was listening to Blur’s Whoohoo when I entered the house.

Written by curly

March 6, 2009 at 7:04 pm

Off colour….

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Clears the nose

…..but sniffing well

Like South Tyneside’s malevolent Barbary blogger, I too have been feeling a little off colour for the past couple of days, I am human after all and make one or two human errors, none of us are perfect are we? At least I haven’t been in the position of having to take my multiple schizophrenic personalities to the hospital to have a group consultation.

No I just went along to my local chemist here in South Shields got myself some painkillers and a bottle of Otrivine to help clear the cavities, the ever so friendly pharmacist assured me that I’d be able to sniff out bullshit again within twelve hours, and it seems to be working.

Sticks and stones etc.

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Written by curly

February 6, 2009 at 12:40 pm

This week’s monkey clip

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Dedicated to all those chimps and councillors in South Tyneside who just love a cup of tea!


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Written by curly

January 25, 2009 at 10:32 am

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