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David Miliband unknown in South Shields

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David MilibandUphill task for Foreign Secretary

Just listened to BBC Radio Newcastle this afternoon conducting interviews with the people of South Shields in the Nook area and showing them pictures of the Foreign Secretary and constituency MP David Miliband. The question being asked was

“Do you know this man?”

Bit like a line up in an identity parade or the hunt for a fugitive. Surprisingly, well in excess of half of those asked didn’t have a clue who he was! Some were just as puzzled when shown a picture which included his name. I’ll be honest, I was shocked listening to the broadcast, maybe they went to the wrong end of town?  The best piece from one of the interviews was;

“Yes it’s Miliband”

“Do you know what he’s up to right now?”

“Yes, he’s one of those councillors round here”

“Is he in the news today?”

“Well isn’t he doing something about those new houses over there?”

Looks as though Mr. Miliband will have a fair bit of work to do to raise his profile, despite this article in today’s Guardian, which appears to be a “positioning” exercise. The biggest question has to be, “when for”?

Before or after the next election? One would have though that any Cabinet minister with real ambition would prefer to let Gordon Brown lose the election and then try to impose his/her ideas on the Labour Party in opposition. Let’s face it, their stock is so low now that a change at the top will change little at all this side of the election, they may as well let Brown carry the can.

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Written by curly

July 30, 2008 at 6:21 pm