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Stagecoach, South Shields

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Stagecoach, South Shields

On the Buses!

There is an interesting little story here if some journalist would like to get his/her teeth into it, (something to do with fuel costs and how it might affect the price of your ticket).

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Written by curly

February 5, 2011 at 5:51 pm

A carnival of councillors

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Cookson Parade draws huge crowds to South Shields

Yesterday’s opening parade for South Tyneside’s Summer Festival took place in ideal dry sunny and warm weather, and despite the fact that I was supposed to be fitting a new kitchen, I managed to pull an hour out of my schedule to see the hundreds of marchers reaching the Bents Park after threading their way down Fowler Street and Ocean Road in South Shields. Massive crowds lined the route, perhaps larger than in the past two or three years, bringing much needed spending power to the town’s traders, in many places it was difficult to find yourself a vantage point as people started claiming their places on the pavement up to an hour before the parade started.

If the summer weather continues as it has done over the last week then we are in for a bumper season of free entertainment, as South Tyneside Council partners with others to provide a temporary boost to the local economy and showcases local talent alongside the internationally famous names. The Mouth of the Tyne Festival and the free concerts in the Bents Park and the Amphitheatre, added to the Great North Run at the end of the summer season guarantee thousands of visitors to South Shields, but the scarcity of top quality hotels leaves only our small B&B sector to accommodate our visitors, ideally we need to be catering for longer than weekend stays to maximise the economic opportunities and to grow the tourist market that we already have. South Shields, of course offers all of the advantages of a seaside resort when the weather is kind, and is ideally placed as a base for touring the highlights of Durham and Northumberland.

Therefore it is always great to see so many sections of the local community coming together to take part in the annual Cookson Parade, especially the children, however, I’m wondering if the event could be better promoted and positioned with a rebranding of the name, and the reintroduction of motorised “floats”? Anyway it was good to see so many of your local councillors joining in the event, although many of them were from the Labour Party and they were almost exclusively from South Shields, the Jarrow, Hebburns, Boldon, and Cleadon Conservative representatives were either well hidden or busy elsewhere.

We were joined this year by civic representatives form one of South Tyneside’s twin town, Epinay Sur Seine near Paris, and they too were happy to add some colour and joi de vivre to the event, no doubt they joined your councillors in the “refreshment area” after sweating it out in the sun during the walk from the Town Hall. I only bumped into one member of the opposition, Cllr. Jimmy Capstick, who was far happier to queue for ice cream with his grandchildren than than join the line for warm beer!

I’ve received one or two pictures from readers but will wait to get a few more before deciding if there is sufficient to create a slide show of the event, so keep them coming in if you’d like to share them. Anyway, here are some of the people responsible for helping to organise yesterday’s parade, can you guess which one still owes Curly a pint, and which one hurried away after less than 30 minutes in the park? (Perhaps the World Cup was just too good to miss).

Go here for the full summer festival calendar.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge. (There are a couple of “finger pointers in here, I wonder what they were saying?)

Cllr. Jimmy Capstick, south ShieldsCllr. Iain Malcolm, South ShieldsCllr. Tom Piggott, South ShieldsCllr. Arthur Meeks and Rob Dix, South ShieldsCllr. Neil Maxwell, South ShieldsCllr. Jimmy Foreman, South ShieldsCllr. Olive Punchion, South Shields

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Written by curly

July 4, 2010 at 10:34 am

South Shields’ Town Hall 100 years old

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I hate missing a good birthday party

South Shields Town Hall is still, in my opinion, one of the finest public buildings in the north of England, it is a picture of municipal magnificence both externally and internally and nothing would have given me greater pleasure than using it as a photographic backdrop for the Catherine Cookson Parade on Saturday. If we are blessed with good weather gentle sunshine, a few clouds, and gentle breezes) then we could expect good crowds, a festive party atmosphere, good fun, and a celebration. It’s a good opportunity to spot some of your elected South Tyneside councillors letting their hair down – if they have any – and having some fun, although it appears that some have rather less to celebrate than others.

But, alas, for the first time in many years, I will not be there, but I encourage you to get down into South Shields with your cameras and make good use of them . Barring some sort of mini miracle, I am informed that I must be at home on Saturday to play “labourer” to the joiners who are fitting a new kitchen. Pah – who worked out the timing for this project!

So at least Tim Richardson and Alan White won’t be busting a gut to get their pictures ready for Sunday morning ha ha, but here’s an appeal, send me your best carnival pictures to the email address found in the contact page and if there are enough of them by Sunday evening I’ll make up a little slide show for the rest of the readers to see. No prizes, just the sheer fun and kudos of seeing your work on the internet. Pictures showing councillors in a bad light, compromised, or generally just having the mickey taken out of them will go to the front of the queue.

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Written by curly

June 30, 2010 at 9:20 pm

South Shields Cookson Parade 2009

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A slide show of yesterday’s sunshine carnival

Here’s a little slide show for you to enjoy featuring some of the faces of the folks involved in yesterday’s Cookson Parade in South Shields, the summer certainly got off to a great start! I’m out of the house most of the day while the plasterers move in to do some work, hoping to be at the Bents Park to picture Toyah and Carol Decker, you might be featured in my next set of pictures.

If you don’t care for the music it can be switched off in the bottom left corner.

[rockyou id=140080908&w=579&h=434]

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Written by curly

July 5, 2009 at 9:27 am

Cookson Parade 2009

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Parade gets South Shields’ summer off to a flying start

I enjoyed the parade this afternoon in South Shields, our “Geordie” version of a Mardi Gras, the weather was great, possibly too hot for some of the younger children, and the crowds were out in their thousands. The parade was well supported as people lined the streets from the Town Hall down Fowler Street and Ocean Road before it arrived in the Bents Park. We were also playing hosts to a group from one of our French twin towns, Noisy-le-Sec, so I hope they had a great time too.

I shot some video today, as well as taking stills, it was edited very roughly in a hurry to get it on here for tonight. I might return to the project at a later date to clean it up a bit, I’m not exactly Ridley Scott! Anyway, you might recognise one or two people that you know.

Perhaps some pictures tomorrow, or Monday, we are being kicked out of the house by some plasterers.


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Written by curly

July 4, 2009 at 9:07 pm

Good Friday in South Shields

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Thought you might enjoy this slide show which I’ve just put together after I visited the Market Place and the West Park in South Shields this morning. The Processions of Witness were well attended at both venues with crowds slightly larger than we saw last year – I’m kind of glad we still “do religion” in South Shields.

The weekend has got off to a fabulous start for our traders with a massive influx of thousands of visitors to the beaches, amusement park, and both the South and Marine Parks. From what I saw earlier King Street was also quite busy, but there were a number of units either closed or no trading. Traffic levels are very high with most roads leading into the town backed up as far as Laygate, the Town Hall, and Westoe. The sea front car parks are jammed pack and an overflow is in operation on The Dragon. Yep, looks like a real good start to the season.

Enjoy the slide show, (if you don’t care for the music, there is a button to switch it off in the top left corner.)

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Written by curly

April 10, 2009 at 3:50 pm

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South Shields cliff fall drama

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Marsden, South Shields29 year old man critical

It had been a distinctly ordinary day apart from the incessant noise emanating from two bored children, there was no point at all in even reading any news or other blogs online this morning, I just could not concentrate. So we’ve spent the rest of the day ambling around Seaburn and the beach at Whitburn, and clambering about Cornthwaite Park.

We were on our way home at around 4:15 p.m. when we came across these dramatic scenes at Marsden Bay, South Shields, an area of cliff top adjacent to the car park where Noddy Rice was shot dead two years ago was cordoned off with police incident tape and a crowd had gathered. In the car park of the Marsden Grotto stood three fire and rescue appliances, four police patrol cars, and a coastguard vehicle. Police were already questioning bystanders asking them if they had witnessed what had happened, they were trying to ascertain if a man had accidentally fallen, or had jumped from the cliff top to the beach 100 feet below, just a few yards south of “Lot’s Wife”. The coastguards had been alerted at 4:10 p.m. and already the Northumbria air ambulance was in attendance on the pebbled beach below with the tide well out.

The 29 year old male victim was airlifted from the scene at 5:00 p.m. critically injured, and is now fighting for life in Newcastle’s General Hospital. This was the second time in the same afternoon that coastguards had been called to the scene, earlier in the day a dog had gone over the cliffs and was killed.

It provided a timely reminder to my two children, and the others present during their school holidays, of the dangers present at Marsden Bay and the need to treat the cliffs with the utmost respect.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Rescue at Marsden Grotto, South ShieldsRescue on Marsden Beach, South ShieldsRescue on Marsden Beach, South Shields

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Written by curly

May 29, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Philip Melville Salmon

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Philip Melville SalmonAustralian MP 1892 – 1894

Philip Melville Salmon was not the man whom we named a street after on the Lawe, South Shields. However, he was born here on 16th. November 1849.

At the age of twelve he emigrated with his parents Benjamin, an engineer, and Eleanor, to the town of Bendigo in Australia. He later went on to Port Melbourne where he took a job in the sugar works before buying a business in Bay Street. After moving on to Footscray he became the proprietor of the local newspaper The Advertiser and an auctioneer and estate agent, he later returned to Port Melbourne and bought The Standard. Having married Emma Jane Ludner, the Church of England stalwart businessman and his family of four sons and three daughters alternated between Port Melbourne and Footscray, as they prospered.

He was Mayor of Port Melbourne from 1890 -1891 and Member of the Victorian Parliament from1892 – 1894 representing Port Melbourne, having previously contested two other elections in 1886 and 1889. Salmon died at the age of sixty in 1909.

Just another interesting character from South Shields who might be of interest to our Australian cousins.

If any of our readers have some anecdotal evidence of other South Shields born politicians who have made their mark elsewhere I’d be interested in hearing from them (we are already aware that Sir William Fox was Prime minister of New Zealand, and that my mother’s uncle Baron Blyton served as Member of Parliament for Houghton-le-Spring)

Update 23:20

Bob Smith was elected 19th President of the Legislative Council of Victoria on 19th. December 2006. Bob was born in South Shields, England on 22 May 1948

James Hiers McColl 1844 – 1929 emigrated from South Shields to Australia in 1853 and became a prominent Australian politician and minister prior to the first World War.

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Written by curly

May 12, 2008 at 9:33 pm

Super new lights

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South Shields promenadeModern new look to sea front

In the relamping and revitalising programme for our street lights in South Tyneside, Balfour Beatty and South Tyneside Council have introduced a very modernising look to the sea front in South Shields. As part of the £63m contract new lamp standards with eco friendly energy saving bulbs are replacing the older ones. Take a look at the new look that has been introduced in the stretch from the Sea Hotel to Ghandi’s Temple, the design is really great, I love it. The lamp standards have a pronounced tapered curve to them with a much smaller lamp holder at the top, a very modernistic design indeed.

I didn’t have a camera with me when I passed by earlier this morning but I’ll produce a picture later in the day, I think you will like the look of the area, it’s very imaginative, should look great when both sides of the roads are finished.

Click the thumbnail to enlarge

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Written by curly

May 10, 2008 at 9:36 am