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Joe McElderry back in South Shields

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Joe McElderry

……on Wednesday

Joe McElderry will be signing copies of his new CD “The Climb” at HMV music store in King Street, South Shields at around 4:00pm this Wednesday, the 2009 X Factor winner announced the change in plan on his twitter site earlier today.

According to this Facebook page HMV will be handing out 500 limited wristbands at 8:00 am Wednesday morning to fans wanting to purchase a signed CD from the South Shields store, it also reveals there will be a short live performance from Joe in King Street prior to the record signings.

It is not known at present whether or not he will arrive in King Street aboard an open topped bus that South Tyneside Council is very keen to arrange for him, best keep our eyes peeled for announcements.

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Written by curly

December 14, 2009 at 11:12 pm

Jade Thirlwall

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I think that South Shields girl Jade Thirlwall should think seriously about having another go at the X Factor, she could well emulate Joe McElderry next year. Those that have heard her singing are well aware that she has improved enormously and the added maturity in her voice and personality suggest that she could be ready to give it a right good go, so let’s start promoting next year’s bid now!

I’m sure she has a dream to follow.

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Written by curly

December 14, 2009 at 12:48 pm

Joe McElderry, South Shields’ star!

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Joe McElderry, the Climb18 year old wins ITV’s X Factor

Most of South Shields was exceptionally quiet last night, streets emptied, as virtually the whole town joined in the 20m people following the fortunes of 18 year old Joe McElderry on X Factor. The Temple Park Centre was packed to the rafters, as was The Old Ship in Sunderland Road (despite much of Joe’s family being in London) and many other pubs in town, and when it was announced that Joe had won the collective cheer would have been audible on the moon.

Joe’s victory will provide an enormous boost to the town and it’s people and help provide a little extra feel good effect as his debut single, a cover version of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” is all but guaranteed to occupy the Christmas No. 1 spot, it is not known yet when Joe will be able to make another homecoming visit but you can be assured that it will create a big stir when it happens.

The Mayor of South Tyneside Cllr. John Anglin was at last night’s live TV link up at Temple Park and nearly needed to be tied down, he was so excited about Joe’s “stardom” that I’m sure his feet were already thirty centimetres off the ground!

“It was always a case of when Joe was going to win, not if, and now his dream has come true.

“He is a real star and has a remarkable talent so I am sure he will be number one at Christmas.

“He is a great ambassador for South Tyneside and we are all so proud of him.”

Meanwhile Joe’s mentor from Girls Aloud, Newcastle born Cheryl Cole couldn’t cope with the tension and was late back to her judges seat on three occasions after nipping back to her dressing room to shed a few tears for the lad she treats like a little brother. Joe’s rival Olly Murs was graceful in defeat. and he too will reap some rewards from his own success, the result of course was never in any doubt with Joe being the odds on favourite with the bookies, and as this table of voting percentages shows, Joe has been the front runner for last five stages, and in last nights vote he polled a crushing 61% of the vote.

The Sun reckons a trip to the States beckons for Joe with the possibility of a £5m deal brokered by Simon Cowell, and Joe is already looking to use his first royalty cheques to look for properties, one for himself and another for his mother from the Westoe area of South Shields. It’s been an incredible journey for young McElderry since first winning his way through to the boot camp stage of X Factor two years ago, when he fled in tears fearing that he was not good enough, he went on after that to pick up a Pride of South Tyneside Award before steeling himself for another crack at the X Factor feeling more confident and comfortable in his own ability and he has become the only X Factor winner to have experienced what it is like to be amongst the bottom of the pile in the early stages,  Joe said:

I wasn’t ready the last time and I just walked out of Boot Camp. I was only 15 and couldn’t handle the pressure, but I’m a lot more confident and mature now. It’s amazing to have come back and won.

“After the first time on the show I said I’d never do it again because at the time I didn’t feel ready or confident.

“When I went back I remember thinking I wouldn’t get past the first audition, thinking it would be the same as before and they’d send me on home.

“But now that I’m here, having won the whole competition, I just can’t believe it.

“It’s a dream come true and I know I can achieve anything now.”

Joe now becomes South Shields’ biggest singing sensation since Gerry Monroe and the feel good factor probably outshines the (narrow) defeat suffered by the Mariners in the FA Cup against QPR in 1970, and the visit of Muhammad Ali to have his wedding blessed in the mosque at Laygate in 1977!

Somehow after the excitement had died down a little Joe managed to send a Tweat on Twitter from somewhere thanking all those who had supported him, so I’ve asked him when he’s coming home and cheekily requested a photo shoot for this blog, I really ought to know better. Joe will be Simon Cowell’s property now so perhaps I should write directly to him!

I’m really please for Joe and his family, he has done himself proud, and has instilled a huge amount of pride amongst Shields folk, South Tynesiders, and and inspired the whole Geordie nation, like Susan Boyle he had a dream and chased it as far as it could go. Now we hope that he can achieve his aspirations for many years to come and that somehow someone helps keep his feet on the ground as he faces new major challenges and changes in his life – we would like to be able to see him often in South Shields as Joe McElderry the lad that many people know, and not as a Hollywood star with a massive entourage.

Will it be possible?

Joe’s official new website where you can get his single in time for Christmas.

Videos from last night’s final:


South Shields Temple Park Centre

The Climb (reprise)


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Written by curly

December 14, 2009 at 11:05 am

All prepared for a South Shields X Factor winner

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davidJoe McElderry is hot favourite with bookies

Just a quick one to explain my absence from the keyboard this weekend, much work has been completed in Curly’s house with new skirting boards fitted and many cables finally buried below the floor, just need to set up a wireless network next!

Spent most of the day getting the Christmas tree up and decorated, at eleven feet high with over 700 LED lights and over 400 baubles, it becomes a half day operation with both kids helping out. Christmas cards have all been sent by snail mail or email, so now we are prepared to sit down in fron of the TV this evening to support South Shields’ favourite son Joe McElderry as he bids to become the overall winner of 2009’s “X Factor”.

I noticed this morning that the Town Hall in South Shields is flying “Vote Joe” flags from it’s posts above the building, so a reminder, if you haven’t voted for Joe yet, get it done NOW, before 9:00 pm (telephone 0901 61 61 103 to support Joe McElderry).

The 18 year old from South Shields is the hot favourite at the bookies to win the X Factor this evening (1/5 with Paddy Power, and 2/9 with Ladbrokes) whilst his rival Olly Murrs is the outsider at a generous 3/1 against, so little chance of making an online fortune by putting your house on Joe, but don’t be complacent, make sure you vote for him.

I exchanged some views with Iain Malcolm yesterday evening, and the Leader of South Tyneside Council is very keen to arrange a spectacular public event in South Shields recognising McElderry’s success, should he walk away as winner tonight, and we’d both love to see an open topped bus parade through the town centre including King Street and the Market Place, which would be sure to draw huge crowds and perhaps help retailers in those few days before Christmas. Trouble is, if the nation votes for Joe tonight, he will be virtually owned by ITV, the X Factor team, Simon Cowell and his production company etc., guaranteeing a date for a public visit to his home town may not be quite as easy as arranging a visit from Santa Claus!

However, I’m sure Joe would love to be involved in something like this, and I’m sure the young Miliband boys would love to see a South Shields winner too!

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Written by curly

December 13, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Quote of the day

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“If there’s one thing David Miliband can’t do it’s belt out a ballad.”

South Tyneside’s Labour Council Leader, Iain Malcolm talking about the chances of Joe McElderry winning the ITV X Factor this weekend, “we have got a Foreign Secretary as our MP, but this puts us on the map for completely different reasons” he said.

The whole town is now getting wound up for this evening’s edition of X Factor willing Joe to go on to tomorrow’s decider, (well most of us just know that Joe will win) and the attendant publicity that an X Factor winner will bring to South Tyneside cannot be underestimated.

The Tyne Tunnel, Newcastle international airport and the town hall are all sporting Vote Joe lights and flags amid hopes that his success may lift the fortunes of a region that has suffered badly through the recession. Iain Malcolm, the council leader, is already planning a marketing strategy to be implemented in the event of a McElderry victory, and an open-top bus procession to welcome him home.

I wonder what route around South Shields that will take then?

I’m about to go offline for the rest of the day, some important skirting renewals to do and some cables and leads to be hidden under floor, then we hope to be back to live Tweat during this evening’s show, I understand that Temple Park will be oversubscribed for the live broadcast link up, so if you have a ticket get along early.


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Written by curly

December 12, 2009 at 11:18 am

Temple Park X Factor live Broadcast from South Shields

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Joe McElderry X FactorGet tickets to see Joe McElderry live now!

Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh band mate of Cheryl Cole, will be presenting from a live broadcast at the Temple Park Centre in South Shields as local lad Joe McElderry gives his final performance in his bid to win this year’s X Factor on ITV this weekend.

As Joe goes through what should be the performance of his life YOU can take part in a live broadcast from South Shields, linked to the show in London on both Saturday and Sunday night this week, invited guests will be talking with the X Factor’s Dermot O’Leary, Simon Cowell et al, and you can get your tickets by booking through this website, these tickets are absolutely FREE to anyone aged over eight (although 8 – 17 year olds need to be accompanied by an adult). Both events start at 17:30.

Oh and it looks as though Kimberley has become one of the latest celebrities to be backing Joe to win this year’s event.

South Tyneside Council had previously worked it’s socks off to entice the X Factor team to stage a live event at either the Town Hall forecourt in South Shields or the South Marine Park when Joe visited the town on Monday, they even tried to persuade the production team to use Temple Park Centre or The Customs House, but ultimately the decision was taken by the X Factor squad to use the Sage at Gateshead, primarily on public safety grounds and because it was easy to fill the venue with students and colleagues of Joe from Newcastle College. Personally I doubt whether they wanted Joe and Cheryl Cole to be hanging around in the South Marine Park on a freezing night and I doubt it would have benefited Joe’s vocal chords!

So, for the experience of a lifetime, get your FREE tickets booked NOW, demand will be huge and supply will be short, and the rest of the family may get to see you on the X Factor too. It also gives you a chance to help promote the very best of Sanddancer hospitality from South Shields, the publicity will do the area the world of good.


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Written by curly

December 10, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Joe McElderry – fit to win!

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joe mcelderrySouth Shields X Factor Star urges teens to get fit!

Watching ITV’s X Factor last night confirmed that there can seriously only be one winner this year and I expect it to be South Shields very own Joe McElederry.

Joe has been teaming up with Great Ormond Street Hospital spreading his charm and helping bring a smile to sick children, and he’s joined their campaign to promote fitness for teens, in an interview with GOSH Joe says:

About two years ago, I lost two stone in weight. I was eating rubbish at lunchtime, but at 15 I decided to start a healthy eating plan.

I jog three times a week. It was prompted by just feeling I didn’t have any energy. I was an active child, but when I hit my teens I discovered computers and the weight just piled on.

I started walking and jogging. All my family knew I was doing it and were supportive. I just built it up until I was jogging for 30 minutes five times a week.

Curly knows just what he’s talking about, I’m currently nearing the end of a cardiac rehabilitation programme designed to keep me interested in staying fit and healthy through exercise, it’s hard work but you do feel the benefits. I regularly cycle and make use of a cross trainer at home too, as well as involving myself in group fitness sessions organised by South Tyneside Council’s exercise referral team and South Tyneside District Hospital. I’m delighted that Joe is involved in this campaign which is aimed at promoting a better lifestyle that teenagers can carry forward into adulthood. I haven’t achieved the flat belly of young Joe yet, but there is every chance!

Joe continues:

I did wonder at first if it was having any effect and at first thought ‘What’s the point?’ But then one day I suddenly looked in the mirror and thought ‘Oh my god, I have a flat stomach’. It was amazing.

You can learn more about Teens First for Health – here. There is also a Get Fit Game for you to try – here. The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity will be releasing a video tomorrow to help promote the campaign.

Meanwhile, it looks as though Joe McElderry is set to become South Shields biggest star since Warney Cresswell in 1922 when he became the record breaking signing for Sunderland when they paid The Mariners £5500 for him! Joe has been back to Great Ormond Street Hospital and here are a few more pictures of him and other X Factor contestants meeting the children there, and if you use Facebook you can follow them – here.

For Twitter users you can follow Great Ormond Street Hospital here, and you can follow Joe McElderry here.

Remember #VoteJoe!

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

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Written by curly

December 6, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Go Joe! – Buy before Christmas

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xfactor single

South Shields star in charity raising bid

Local lad Joe McElderry somehow found time to squeeze in a visit to his home town South Shields and I know where he buys his pies and pasties, but I’m keeping it a secret. In between his TV recording sessions for ITV’s “The X Factor” Joe has also been recording a single along with the other contestants in a gallant bid to raise funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, we all know how much good work they do on behalf of children in very difficult circumstances. Retailers including W H Smith, Tesco,and  Sainsbury’s in the town are donating their profits from the sale of the single, a cover of Michael Jackson’s “You are not alone” to the charity, and on all other sales £1 from each single will go to Great Ormond Street. Here’s the official video featuring South Shields’ Joe McElderry:


It would be great, not only for Joe and the town, but also for the hospital charity to see the single go to No. 1 in the UK chart this week and stay there for Christmas, so come on South Shields folks put your hand in your pocket or purse and get down into the town and buy a copy now. If getting to the shops is a bit of a problem you can also buy it online here.

Like to keep up to date with how the charity and the single are doing? Well that’s nice and simple too they have a blog here, and you can also support and follow them on Twitter too.

I might have found a bone to pick with the Westoe pub recently about the posters in the window on Remembrance Sunday but I’m sure everyone will want to get behind this initiative and I’m more than happy to support their efforts. My thanks go to Jess Holland at PassitonMedia for kindly supplying these pictures of Joe McElderry visiting sick children at the Great Ormond Street Hospital, he always looks happy to oblige too!

Naturally all of us in South Shields are all hoping that Joe wins “The X Factor”.

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Written by curly

November 19, 2009 at 6:05 am