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My distrust grows

I have just received my first ever email from Tony Blair in response to signing an e-petition about the government’s ID Card scheme, he thinks we (those who are dead set against ID cards and biometric identities) wish to ‘engage’ with him. He could not be more wrong, and by setting up this wonderful e-petition system on the 10 Downing Street website he has caused my level of distrust for NuLabour to soar to new heights.

It is obvious now, and we were all so easily sucked in by the ploy, there was no real intent to “listen” to the electorate or allow us to pressure government ministers into changes of policy with these petitions, oh no, it was a gimmick, a marketing opportunity to harvest millions of email addresses. Millions of people will become the recipients of government sponsored email junk! Policy delivered straight to your inbox!

The big question, the one that causes the greatest worry, is will this database of email addresses be made available to our other political parties so that they can send us a contra view? Will there be balance? Of course not!

Blair can can claim an unfair advantage, and I can tell you I won’t be the only one upset by this. If we start receiving mail from 10 Downing Street at the start of an election campaign there will be trouble – much trouble!

Blair emailThunderbird thinks  this message is junk – too true!

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Written by curly

February 19, 2007 at 10:11 pm

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