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The streets are unsafe

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Ten years of hard Labour hasn’t reduced the fear of crime.

Isn’t it reassuring that after ten years of Labour’s claims to have reduced crime and the causes of crime, the Home Secretary just doesn’t feel safe walking the streets of the nation’s capital. This is quite a revealing interview in the Sunday Times, on more than one level.

Jacqui Smith is probably relating what many women, and indeed a lot of men, feel about walking our streets after dark, the fear is there as she sees the brooding knots of hoodied youths crawling around the streets with hardly a policeman in sight. The figures are fooey! It doesn’t matter what percentage of serious crimes of violence, or murder, or muggings, or stabbings have been reported. It doesn’t matter a jot that the police or the Home Office assert that street crime is on the way down, because none of us believe that nonsense! We see it in our own towns and cities and like Jacqui Smith we fear the consequences of perhaps bumping into some these uncontrolled gangs of youths . Yet she is in a privileged position of being guarded and protected, and she still has the fear! This is a hard fact for the NuLabour criminologists to face, we don’t believe the ASBOs and community service orders are working, we don’t believe that the party has any serious intent on cleaning up the streets, we don’t believe that you support the police or have any idea on how to rid the menace of drugs. That’s why Jacqui Smith and others have a fear of walking the streets.

I’m sure that folks in South Shields share her fears at times.

On another level, we need to worry about the “message”, or “the spin”, a politician these days is absolutely no good at all to the NuLabour cause if “the spin” just isn’t so, so. Hence the telephone call to the Times from one of her aides saying the wording had not come out as the Home Secretary had intended. She said Smith had recently “bought a kebab in Peckham” at night. The south London district is one of the most deprived in the capital.

Yeah right! Home Secretary kebabbed in Peckham whilst surrounded by six of Special branch’s burley best!

Let her speak her mind, she’s quite capable and there nothing at all wrong with a little frankness and honesty.

Written by curly

January 20, 2008 at 10:40 am

2 Responses

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  1. Well there’s nothing wrong with frankness and honesty, but it puts her in the position of damaging the government, because it suggests that a substantial proportion of their policies are a failure (which is true). Micro managing the result with nonsense policies like ASBOs is pointless and almost impossible. Social breakdown is accelerating as the rich/poor gap is accelerating out of control and the private sector is proving completely unable to manage public sector services any better than the public sector (largely because of NuLabour incompetence). We all know this and we all see it and we know the stats don’t mean a thing. If she actually spoke out to suggest something which might work against this I’d support her, but she hasn’t and can’t.

    It is an amusing thought though – Jacqui Smith eating a kebab in Peckham in the middle of the night. Photo evidence please. 😉


    January 20, 2008 at 10:49 am

  2. […] because non of us feel safe under this Labour government’s administration of law and order, just ask the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. (Of course she’s busy doing something to improve the morale of Police Forces […]

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