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Gordon Brown’s four red lines

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Brown's four red lines

EU constitution Treaty agreed

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Gordon Brown and South Shields MP Foreign Secretary David Miliband, agreed a deal on the handover of more power EU Reform Treaty in the early hours of the morning. The Prime Minister hopes to have secured his much quoted “four red lines”, before preparing for a three month battle in Parliament where even his own side willl be picking carefully through the bones of the treaty line by line.

The opt-outs, which Mr Brown referred to as “red lines”, were in areas such as human rights, tax and benefits, foreign policy and justice. The prime minister said that if these made the final draft of the treaty, it would avoid any significant transfer of power to Brussels.

IF? What’s this if? If he’s still talking about if’s there has to be something adrift. IF he’d kept Labour’s manifesto promise to hold a referendum on the issue he wouldn’t be in a position where people are saying he cannot be trusted.

Tory Mark Francois said: “In the small hours of the night Gordon Brown has agreed the revised EU constitution which potentially transfers massive powers from Britain to the EU.

“He had absolutely no democratic mandate to do this and we will now step up our campaign to secure the referendum which he promised the British people all along.”

Written by curly

October 19, 2007 at 9:28 am

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